On Our Radar: Today's Feminist News Roundup

Good morning! Here’s all the feminist news on our radar today.

• If you think your email is safe from spying, think again. Google says in court that Gmail users have “no reasonable expectation of privacy” for their messages. [Guardian] 

• President Obama has condemned the violent crackdown in Egypt that has left dozens dead and thousands injured—it’s not clear what the effect of the violence will be on free speech, government critics, and the future of human rights in Egypt, or when the bloodshed will end. [New York Times]

• This week’s Number One Douchebag Bryan Goldberg has apologized for ignoring existing women’s media in his botched launch of new site The Bustle. My favorite spoof of his announcement is this parody proposition: The Boostle, a website for ghosts. [PandoDaily, Tumblr]

• California lawmakers are seeking a law that will make sure inmates are never sterilized without proper oversight ever again. [LA Times] 

• Showrunner Shonda Rhimes talks about the next season of Scandal, which the show writers apparently started writing with one simple question: “What the hell is going to happen next?” [Vulture] 

• Um, so, Russell Simmons made a Harriet Tubman sex tape? Which he thought was funny at first, but then apologized for. Colorlines took the opportunity to write up six facts about Tubman that have nothing to do with Russell Simmons. [Colorlines]

Orange is the New Black creator Jenji Kohan describes her “nice white lady” main character as a “Trojan Horse” to create a show that features the stories of characters who are women of color, old women, and queer women. [Feministing] 

• Feminist writer and activist Emi Koyama has a long description of how women of color were silenced at the National Organization for Men Against Sexism conference. [Shakesville] 

• College students at institutions like Swarthmore call out their schools’ lack of action on sexual assault issues. [RH Reality Check]

What did I miss? Add your links to the comments. 

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