On Our Radar: Today's Feminist News Roundup

Happy Friday, fellow feminist-news junkies! Here’s all the wordy business on our radar this morning.

• If you’ve been following the story of Beatriz, the young Salvadorean woman whose pregnancy threatens her life (she has severe medical complications stemming from lupus, and the baby has already been deemed unviable), you’ll be outraged to hear that the Supreme Court of El Salvador has officially denied her an abortion, handing down what amounts to a death sentence for the 22-year-old. Will a petition to the Pope help? Who knows, but it can’t hurt to let His Holiness know that this is some senselessly cruel bullshit.  [RH Reality Check]

• Brooklyn district attorney Charles J. Hynes has announced that the borough’s police force will no longer treat the possession of condoms as evidence of prostitution, a move that’s a win for sex-work and public-health advocates. [New York Times]

• In the new cartoon SheZow, a 12-year-old boy gains superpowers—and a female alter ego—when he puts on a magic ring. To the folks at Breitbart News, the premise is evidence of a vast left-wing conspiracy to feminize boys. But creator Obie Scott Wade tells io9 that he just wanted to make a great animated show. [io9]

• White allies, antiracists, and more: A consideration of the limits—and, often, the meaninglessness—of self-applied labels among activists. [Spectra Speaks]

• NPR’s Code Switch blog rounded up some of the most intersesting responses to the question, “What’s the most ridiculous thing you’ve been asked about your race?” [Code Switch]

• The number of women opting not to pursue careers in academic research because of institutional bias is increasing—and that has dire consequences for universities that resist changing their internal structures. [Guardian Higher Education Network]

• In case Dolly Parton wasn’t awesome enough: She has donated more than 50 million books to children as part of a literacy program called Imagination Library. [RawStory]

• Looking for an feminist internship in the Las Vegas area? Nationally syndicated blog The Sin City Siren wants you! [The Sin City Siren]

by Andi Zeisler
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The Netherlands has a service

The Netherlands has a service called "Women on Waves" which is a boat that travels to countries where abortion is restricted and performs them there. Can this be sent to El Salvador?

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