Oprah and Sarah Palin



So apparently the Florida Federation of Republican Women has launched a boycott against Oprah's TV show and magazine because of her refusal to invite Sarah Palin onto her show until after the election. Now, I'm not the biggest fan of Oprah, and frankly, I find it incredibly difficult to remain tuned in to electoral campaigns. But I don't have to agree with everything she does and says to jump to her defense on this one...

And someone please tell me that Olivia's creator has nothing to do with this campaign's use of Olivia! 

(Thanks to Dawn for the news)

by Debbie Rasmussen
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My Dislike of Oprah

I, too, have a lot of different beefs with the deity that is Oprah. But I do see her point. Now that she's made her political affiliation know to the public it would be a great conflict of interest to invite Sarah Palin onto her fancy show.

Despite all of this I'm sure that if she ever does interview Palin, it will be painful on two levels: Sarah Palin's sad and frightening politics, and O's bad interviewing skills.

Boycott OPRAH for dissing Hillary!

I can't stand her anymore! She totally dissed Hillary and left her for dead! What the hell was that about? After being courted by Bill and Hillary for years, she totally threw Hillary under the bus. Now who am I supposed to vote for? I'm a feminist!


I love Oprah. I am a feminist and and anti-rascist and grew up with Oprah to thank for a lot. Sad? Maybe. But this culture we live in makes it necessary to find truth and wisdom where we can get it and Oprah Winfrey's no pawn, she worked her ass off to get where she is and she is a true philanthropist. So don't hate, appreciate. She got lucky as far as being able to have "fancy" shows and good for her.

wait a minute...

(first things first) OLIVIA is being used in the Palin campaign?? Where? This may break my heart! What's next, Edward Gorey as McCain's mascot?

seriously! can someone

seriously! can someone please verify this?


Oprah was fawning over George W. in the 2000 election (on her show). She's had Barack on constantly.
I find this whole thread anti-democratic.
If Palin's the monster you think she is (I think she's just a bad politician), her going on Oprah would be a good thing, getting the word out on who she is.
But Oprah's made her show a platform for politics or are we to forget that she had Judith Miller on promoting the Iraq War before it started. Does anyone watch Bill Moyers Journal?
Oprah refused to bring Hillary on her show this go round and now refuses to bring on Palin.
It is censorship.
Don't give me that b.s. that it's her show.
She has made it a pattern to bring them on in her efforts to copy Phil Donahue.
Now she refuses to present all sides. Shouldn't have put Barack on her show non-stop.
It's about access.
It's laughable that Bitch wants to beg for money while applauding Oprah for refusing access to another politician.

Um - it's not bs that it's

Um - it's not bs that it's her show, its the whole point. It's completely democratic to let people have control over their own shows and magazines and to choose what they feature. If only people less powerful than Oprah had that guarantee.
And there is no comparison between Bitch asking for donations and Oprah choosing what guests to have on her show - I question your logic.


yeah, i don't really have any great love for oprah, but this is completely ridiculous. it IS her show, it is not a democracy. she makes no efforts to present an unbiased perspective (particularly in this case when she's come out for the first time in support of a political candidate), and that's how it works when it's your show. she is not suggesting (thankfully) that she is an unbiased news outlet (not that any of the news is unbiased--but she makes no claims along these lines), therefore she's not obligated in any way to have palin on her show. it's interesting that people are getting upset about <i>palin</i> not being on the show, when, as you pointed out, hillary was also not on the show. this seems to evidence to me that oprah is being consistent in her dealings with the candidates, in that, as she pointed out in explaining her reasoning--she felt that it would be a ridiculous mockery of the idea of her having an objective interview when she's already supported a political candidate (my paraphrase here, not oprah's), so that all of those viewing would know that, she was actually favoring someone else, in this case obama, which is WHY she's had him on the show countless times, and why hillary was not on the show. i hardly think that oprah's not having palin on the show is some travesty of justice, she's getting way more coverage about NOT being on the show than she would have by being on the show. if oprah wants to present a political perspective, that's her business. people can just turn off the tv if they have a problem.

I Do Not Think Palin Should Be On Oprah's Show

ahem... I don't think Oprah has had Biden the other VP candidate on her show either. Are you confusing the position of VP nominee Palin with that of Presidential nominee Obama? Excuse me. Plain doesn't have the same parity. Perhaps Oprah could have McCain on her show - if she wanted to. But, the VP should not be getting any special privilege. Why do you even think Sarah deserves special VP-Oprah privilege when Biden gets none? Are you also running around to all the shows that have been happy to have Palin on and demand that they have (because of your sense of parity) Obama? If not, you're not adhering to your own sense of being fair.

I think it's OK for a certain group to boycott Oprah's show. It will get rid of a lot of heavy negativity. :-)

i am very dissappointed in

i am very dissappointed in Oprah. I used to really look up to her and believe in her. I don't think it's right to only present one side. It makes it look like she is trying to pull something over on us. Give all sides and let us make our own decision. In the end, she is going to hurt her image with a lot of women who have loved and supported her over the years. I hope she learns a lesson from all of this and never lets this happen again.

Oprah "FAT" Winfrey

She is a racist!!! That is OPRAH!!! to be clear.. and jealous and a left wing Democrat shoe licker..

I wonder if this person has read the current issue of bitch

I am reading the current issue of bitch magazine, which touches this subject of comments on blogs, when people just blurt out dumb comments that are very negative when they don't really have anything to say. Lovely - It's very funny, ironic and suitable that this person put in this comment on the bitch blog when that issue it out.

Probably Not and Regarding Oprah

I think that the <i>Bitch</i> article on comments on blogs is required reading, but it is very doubtful that "troll" did. However, chances are the article, too, will be "trolled," like everything else online involving interaction. Some sites are cracking down on abusive comments. Unfortunately, "trolls" will stop at nothing and will do everything they cleverly can to get around the barriers.

Even after <a href="http://www.alternet.org">Alternet</a> cracked down on abusive commenting by setting up a ratings system and taking a more pro-active approach, I still see an awful lot of "trolling" going on over there.

On another note. Regarding Oprah, I heard an interview with the author of <a href="http://www.paradigmpublishers.com/books/BookDetail.aspx?productID=180330... book</a> not long ago arguing that there should be more criticism of Oprah instead of the consistent "praise" she receives from her media peers, celebrity friends, and others no matter what she says or does. Shouldn't <i>Bitch</i> be "flooded" with such submissions? I would like to see more criticism in <i>Bitch's</i> pages of Oprah's hypocrisy myself. I get annoyed whenever I see her care about people of the lower societal classes (a good thing), while lavishing her studio audiences and herself with pricey designer goods, fragrances, jewelry, free cars, appliances, and electronics the rest of her viewership cannot afford, or do not really need on her "free stuff" shows and "Dreams Come True" TV specials (not a good thing).

I really lost respect for Oprah when she criticized inner-city school children saying that all they care about, is the material world (ipods, designer athleticwear ...) in explaining why she chose to build a girls leadership school in Africa. There ARE inner-city, suburban, and rural low-class young people of all kinds of colors (Including, yes, white) striving and sacrificing to be people that are better than the disadvantaged backgrounds they come from, and a leadership school for such students right here in America would really be beneficial and would really make an impact. It could even turn out future <i>Bitch</i> writers and social-justice activists, giving Oprah that "middle finger" in proving her hypocrisy, and for being very, very wrong to criticize them.

you'd think...

we would be getting flooded with proposals for articles on oprah, but we really don't. and you're right, it's surprising because there's so much to say. we've joked about doing an entire oprah-themed issue, but since there's already an entire magazine devoted to her, that seems like overkill...

Response to original post.

You are right in saying that it is entirely within her rights and consistent with democracy that Oprah publicly favor one candidate over another. It is, however, also equally within the rights of the FFRW's rights to organize a boycott against a show that is so clearly at odds with their beliefs. I suppose that we are all free to criticize, but I don't seem to see the point in defending Oprah. She certainly does not need it. She is a name brand. A corporate entity. A guru. Now, I say this because this is a fact. Not out of any admiration for the almighty O (note the sarcasm). I don't watch her because, frankly, she bores me.

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