Across the pond, they say Bird, not Bitch

Lovers of art and design—you'll be pleased to make the acquaintance of the blog: Birdwatching. States the site itself: This blog is set up to collect, share and recognize the work of female graphic design creators everywhere. Relatively new on the scene, the blog has already managed to showcase work from South America, Continenetal Europe, The UK , Japan
and North America.

In the style of design blog, Birdwatching offers just one photo to catch your interest and then a link to the site belonging to the creator. There's no commentary, which is sometimes refreshing (you can form your own opinion and just enjoy imagery) and some times frustrating—I often wish there was some information about the project brief or commentary from the designer. Ultimately it functions as an introduction of designers to you and allows you to follow the links to the source.

Certainly this kind of unity/community has
become more common practice among female musicians, artists and writers, but beyond a few books that cover pioneering women designers, there aren't so many places to find the design works of women all in one place (if you know any, please share!). It's a great relief to have
Birdwatching on the scene. I'll certainly keep watching from here on out.

Full disclosure: A few of my former classmates have work showcased on Birdwatching and I'm incredibly proud and excited for them!

by Briar Levit
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