PETA Gets the Onion Treatment

Check out this video from the The Onion News Network:

Advocacy Group Decries PETA’s Inhumane Treatment Of Women

What do you think? The comments have been pretty divided on this blog when it comes to the intersection of animal and women’s rights. Are PETA’s sensationalist ad campaigns an example of the ends justifying the means? Or do you agree with the Onion News Network’s take on the issue, that PETA cares more about animal rights than human ones? For more reading, check out these past Bitch blog posts:

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by Kelsey Wallace
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Until that last part, the

Until that last part, the video was almost sending PETA's message better than PETA does.

I thought the video was

I thought the video was dismissive of women's fight for adequate representation in the media. Perhaps I'm being too sensitive, but I found it offensive and didn't appreciate the fact that PETA's ad campaigns weren't being represented as the disgusting and harmful things that they are. I thought the woman critiquing PETA was portrayed as ridiculous. "Being forced to stand all day"? That's not what feminists are protesting. In fact, their protests are serious and involve the degrading way in which women are shown in PETA ads. Maybe I totally missed the point - and if I did, feel free to fill me in on what I missed - but I didn't find this video amusing at all.
If the video is as sexist as I feel it is...I'm just wondering if the Onion is usually like this. Any feminist Onion readers? Am I missing out on some hilarious comedy?

thought it was funny

Yeah...the Onion does have some nonfeminist content. And you're right about it being dismissive of women's rights activism, but if they actually portrayed what feminists were fighting for, it wouldn't be satire, it would be *actual* news. By using language that animal activists use (standing all day, the cages) they're able to point out the hypocrisy of PETA, and the final line about giving animal's more rights than women combines both PETA's hypocrisy and the inherent sexism in the campaigns.

As a feminist Onion reader, I know that usually any video or article that hinges on a feminist issue probably might not come to a feminist conclusion in the end. But I just take away my giggles, appreciate what little social commentary *is* being offered up, and feel bad for the folks who don't get the other, feminist, half of the story. (such as the other Bitch articles listed)

Why yes... I would rather go naked!

There is nothing wrong with women taking off their clothes in order to get attention for a good cause... haven't women gone on marches topless in order to protest the restrictions represented by the bra... How is it any different that today beautiful, confident woman go nude in order to bring attention to an equally important issue... animal rights?

However, the fact that PETA neglects to have any nude male models does disapoint me! Bring on the hot hunkies!!!

Aren't there any male mice who get stuck to glue?

The last response from PETA

The last response from PETA was just jaw dropping. But then again this representative probably gets paid alot of money to same something like that.
The lady speaking against PETA there use these words as if these women are forced and held at gun point to do these ads. These women who do them just don't care and rather get the money from these ads and probably get "discovered" by other people in the media industry for ads.
it's all for the money...

This upsets me more.
(WARNING: Don't look at the pictures if Ronald McDonald *already* haunts your dreams.)

As for the above video, I didn't get the sense of over-the-top hilarity that I often do with The Onion. Instead, I was left thinking, Well, yes, PETA does degrade women instead of animals. Is this news, or even fake news? I'd like to believe that the posing of "hot chicks" naked with animals or faux-tortured/locked in cages are meant to make us equate animals with women (and thus, people,) but it seems far more likely to promote the reverse.

PETA does put animal rights above gender equality.

As a vegan feminist, I thought the video was quite well done & highlights my reasons for never supporting PETA. In fact, a decade or so ago I returned one of PETA's donation solicitation forms explaining that until they stopped objectifying and over-sexualizing women in the name of animal rights, they needed to remove me from their prospective donor lists. I have yet to receive a response!

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