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I'm pleased as punch to be headed out to Pickathon, an inde and roots music festival all-weekend camp-a-thon in Portland. To say Portland is a bit misleading, though…it's out on Pendarvis farm, a huge expanse of rural land with multiple stages under geometric, kite-like tent constructions in fields and nestled into the woods. It has a very “staying at an eccentric distant aunt's property” vibe, complete with legends of one of the property's owners riding bare-chested through an early festival on a white horse (I cannot vouch for this AT ALL, but it sounds enticing). At any rate, the owners of the property have worked with organizers and participants since 1998 to put on a festival with a warm sense of community, impressively eco-conscious production, and a pretty diverse range of music.

Pickathon stage tents, a white, leaf like tent under a blue sky

The beautifully designed grounds are a pressure-cooker for creativity on what's looking to be one of the hottest (and I mean literally, not figuratively) Portland weekends of the summer, with 50-ish bands, 6 stages, various workshops (and “two special Jam Zones”…??? Yikes??!), plus a pretty delicious-sounding lineup of vendors who are all working to put on this festival in a way that's sustainable for the environment, attendees, and hosts. When I attended last year, I was pleasantly surprised by the broad interpretation of “roots music,” the relaxed but organized production, and the fact that I ran into some of my favorite people from all over the city.

Woods stage, a dark space lit up by a web of green lights

(Above: the Woods stage, photo by Holly Marie Suda)

From this year's lineup, at least 15 bands are women or feature women prominently, including their big headliner for the festival, Neko Case. This week's Bitchtapes gives you a sampling of the folk, roots, and jams of Pickathon. If you can't make the festival, Seattle's KEXP will be livecasting the festival—check out their broadcast schedule so you can plan your viewing accordingly! 

Pickathon 2012 from BitchTapes on 8tracks.


1. Y La Bamba - My Squawk
Saturday 4pm, the Galaxy Barn; Sunday 12:45pm, Fir Meadows Stage 

2. Heartless Bastards - Parted Ways
Friday 8:45pm, Mt. View Stage; “Saturday” 1am, the Galaxy Barn 

3. Laura Gibson - City Slang 
Friday 3:30pm, Mt. View Stage; Friday 6:30pm, the Workshop Barn; Saturday 2pm, the Workshop Barn 

4. THEESatisfaction - Sweat
Saturday 9pm, Fir Meadows Stage; Sunday 4pm, the Galaxy Barn 

5. Mynabirds - Body of Work
Saturday 12pm, Fir Meadows Stage; Sunday 10pm, the Starlight Stage 

6. Bowerbirds - In the Yard
Friday 7:30pm, the Woods Stage; Saturday 12:45, Mt. View Stage 

7. Alela Diane - Long Way Down
Friday 5pm, the Workshop Barn; Sunday 3pm, the Woods Stage 

8. Abigail Washburn - City of Refuge
Friday 5:30pm, the Galaxy Barn; Saturday 3:30pm, Fir Meadows Stage 

9. Thee Oh Sees - Dead Energy
Friday 10pm, the Galaxy Barn; Saturday 2:30, Mt. View Stage 

10. Los Cojolites - Balajú
Friday 11:30pm, the Starlight Stage; Saturday 12pm, the Woods Stage; Sunday 8pm, Fir Meadows Stage 

11. Neko Case - Vengeance Is Sleeping
Saturday 9pm, the Woods Stage; Sunday 8:45pm, Mt. View Stage 

12. Midtown Dickens feat. Christy Smith - Only Brother
Saturday 11am, the Workshop Barn; “Sunday” 1am, the Starlight Stage

13. Lake Street Dive - Hello? Goodbye!
Sunday 12:30pm, the Workshop Barn; Sunday 6pm, Fir Meadows Stage 

14. Shovels & Rope - Boxcar
Sunday 2:30pm, Fir Meadows Stage; Sunday 5pm, the Workshop Barn 

15. Kitty, Daisy, & Lewis - I'm Going Back
Saturday 7pm, Fir Meadows Stage; Sunday 10pm, the Galaxy Barn 



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