Poehler Goes Wild in “Wild Girls Gone”

It’s just about time for Spring Break, and you know what that means don’t you? Well, for some of you it might mean a trip down to Señor Tadpole’s to have a margarita made in your mouth, but if you’re a pop culture lovin’ feminist with a day job to keep, this year it means another Spring Break-themed Amy Poehler movie! (Yes, I said another. You have seen Spring Breakdown, haven’t you?) This one is called Wild Girls Gone, and it comes out on iTunes tomorrow. (Somehow I doubt it will see the inside of a movie theater unless you decide to watch it on your iPhone when you get bored during Avatar.)

OK, so the movie looks like it might be a bit of what Michael Kors would call a “cheesefest,” but I did laugh when they said participating in an ass contest could lead to a career in journalism.

On the other hand, this trailer leaves me with a few questions. Is this movie a satire of Girls Gone Wild, or more of a tribute? Knowing some of the UCB’s other projects I want to say it’s a satire, but that montage of boobs and butts leaves things a bit ambiguous. Amy Poehler is killing it as feminist Leslie Knope right now on Parks and Rec, so my hopes are high.

What do you think? Will you watch Wild Girls Gone?

by Kelsey Wallace
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3 Comments Have Been Posted

Yes but the release date is tomorrow (finally)!


You're right that the film was made in 2007, but as far as I can tell it hasn't been released yet and tomorrow (March 8) on iTunes will be the first time it's been available for viewing. At least that's what I could find digging around on the web.

Happy Spring Break!


it was filmed back in 2002! i was an extra (the nurse) in the townhall scene- so glad it's finally out!

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