Political Fictions: Power Corrupts Women Like Whoa

Angela Lansbury in State of the UnionThere aren’t all that many fictional depictions of women in politics, at least compared with fictional portrayals of women in domestic service, women in trouble with the law, women in the porn industry, and women in some stage of being attacked and killed by a psychopath. Parsing through characters to search for patterns in these portrayals of politicians has led me back through decades, which has given me a little bit of reservation because I believe that different eras highlight their own tensions. On the other hand, we’re only one remake away from reviving and re-distilling those stereotypes for today’s audiences (I’m looking at you, Manchurian Candidate).

While there may not be all that many stories about female politicians and political operatives, they are out there in the popular culture universe, and often, they are an unflattering meditation on femininity and the corrupting influence of political power. Spoilers for G.I. Jane, Legally Blonde II, Protocol, and State of the Union lie ahead.

Let’s start with the 1948 Spencer Tracy and Katherine Hepburn film, State of the Union. Without a doubt, gluttony for power via the state was a popular theme in this era, as the film falls well inside the shadow of Nazism and the World War II. But to make an even stronger point about the perils of power, we have Foucault—I mean, Angela Lansbury—as an aggressive, manipulative social climber who sees her ticket to power through the election of her lover for President.

She can’t run herself because as Hepburn’s character puts it, “No woman would run for President. She’d have to admit she was over 35.” So Lansbury, playing Kay Thorndyke, machinates to get her husband into office, during, of all things, a contested Republican convention. She may not have political power per se, but she is the head of a newspaper conglomerate, and she is gunning for her own special interests should her boyfriend win the office.

In G.I. Jane, a problematic film for all sorts of reasons, it’s Senator Lillian DeHaven (played by Anne Bancroft) who is the poison character to would-be Navy SEAL Jordan O’Neill (Demi Moore). If the movie trailer played up O’Neill/Moore’s buff biceps and heterosexuality, it also pretended to ask enormous [sic] questions about the limits of gender stereotypes. But Senator DeHaven’s character rolls back any progress on a statement for women’s power when we discover how sinister she is in using O’Neill’s chance at making the SEALs as a bargaining chip for her own state’s gain. DeHaven, it seems, is more than okay with ensuring the failure of women in the elite training program to further her career and hold onto her power.

image from ProtocolLegally Blonde II: Red, White & Blonde takes the same tack with another long-time actor, Sally Field, who plays what looks like the most powerful woman in the House, Victoria Rudd. We see a similar set up in this plot—while Elle Woods (Reese Witherspoon) works against the expectations of Hill staffers—with her bejeweled, pink dazzling couture and ever-present Chihuahua—”real” political women are hard-nosed and curt, their actions driven by a kind of malignant intelligence. Turns out, not only has Congresswoman Rudd been pretending to support Woods’ push to curtail animal testing by cosmetics companies, she’s secretly been working against her, for the industry. Yes, there are women in this movie who work in politics and who come to Elle’s aid, but the message remains that women in high positions of power got there by making too many deals and becoming “dirty.”

In Protocol, sweet and innocent Sunny Ann Davis (Goldie Hawn) finds herself in the middle of a controversial decision to enter an arranged marriage. Arranged by the US Government, no less, and unbeknownst to Sunny. Behind the strategy is Ambassador St. John (played by Kate Mulgrew), a woman with more political power than is normally attributed to ambassadors of the United States, but no matter, it’s a comedy, people. St. John woos Sunny with her polished persona and worldliness, and finds Sunny a job working in the Protocol Department, which Sunny needs to look up, not knowing what “protocol” means. Eventually Sunny realizes she’s been traded as another wife of a rich emir in exchange for the US getting a base in his country. St. John is exposed and Sunny runs for Congress.

What’s at play here is the idea that political power is so hypnotic that it destroys idealism. Perhaps so many men are in politics that not all of them are opportunistic evildoers, but for any woman to make it to high elected office, she must cast away her principles. The idea that women can both hold power via an office or title and remain focused on working for their constituents is wholly absent in these narratives. It seems the best they can do is become cynical middle managers, as in the character of Grace (played by Regina King) in LBII. For women to retain their integrity, as Elle, Jordan, and Katherine Hepburn’s character in State of the Union manage to do is to reside outside of the political machine. While Sunny Ann Davis learns she’ll be entering Congress after her campaign, the film stops there, at the moment of her feminine and naive gasp. 

So maybe there’s hope for female politicians after all.

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by Everett Maroon
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Everett Maroon is a memoirist, essayist, and fiction writer originally from New Jersey and now living in Walla Walla, Washington. His blog is transplantportation.com and he tweets at @EverettMaroon.

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One of the few positive

One of the few positive examples would probably be Leslie Knopes of "Parks & Recreation", I think they did a good job with her characterisation...

Nice example! I'll be looking

Nice example! I'll be looking at positive and "realistic" portrayals in an upcoming article in this series.

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Farmer's Daughter

One from the 40s I was pleasantly surprised by, is the Farmer's Daughter with Loretta Young. It's kind of a Mr Smith Goes to Washington type with a naive young woman who goes to the capitol to work as a maid and ends up running for office because she's got better ideas, is more idealistic and less corrupted than the current choices. I don't love how she has doubts about running because it will sully her future family or femininity or something; and it's all the men around her that insist she needs to do it. In the end though, I don't remember a whole lot of people arguing that she can't run because of her gender (although it's been a while since seeing it), that seems to be more something she puts on herself. The objections voiced are more due to her lack of experience and education.

One of the Worst

One of the worst episodes of Family Guy (which is saying something) involves Lois running for mayor. Almost as soon as she gets elected she becomes corruptible, being bought off with baubles and fur coats. At the end of the episode she realizes that she can't handle the power of being mayor because she is too weak willed, and she resigns, with the position reverting back to the incompetent but congenial Adam West.
Lisa Simpson gets similarly corrupted when she becomes class president in an episode of The Simpsons that parodies Evita.

women in politics

I hope there will be plenty of discussion of President Geena Davis in this series! I enjoyed "Commander in Chief" in a way I've never really enjoyed other political narratives. Having a woman deal with the front and centre issues of being President rather than being the president's wife felt like an important step.

Meanwhile, here in Australia with our first female prime minister Julia Gillard still in power, our National Broadcaster last year screened a sitcom called "At Home With Julia" which I felt was deeply disrepectful, portraying her as a caricature and a joke, and focussing on her domestic issues rather than politics. I think the only equivalent of a parody show during someone's time in office might be the US series Where's My Bush? But no male political figure in Australia has had a sitcom mocking his career and life while he was actually running the country I have heard that the Julia show was actually quite clever and subversive, but I couldnt' bear to watch it all the way through.

A more positive portrayal I enjoyed was this week's release of the first issue of a new Vertigo comic written by Paul Cornell: Saucer Country. It portrays a female governor of New Mexico who is divorced, Hispanic, and has done such a great job with her career that those things are not seen as a barrier to her running for the top job. Okay, there's also an alien abduction storyline running through it, but hey, we don't often see competent female politicians outside science fiction, do we?

Battlestar Galactica would certainly be worth looking at too, now I come to think of it. President Roslin right from the first episode is an amazing female role model and one who convincingly depicts a woman who has unexpectedly come to power - she's in charge of what's left of the human race while being treated for invasive breast cancer! And she still kicks ass.

I think with everyday we can

I think with everyday we can see more women in policy, and I can say without any doubts they all of them have very bright characters. I don't wand to say anything bad about men, but I think that behavoir, actions, speeches of women politics always take a lot of attention.Their actions are much more interesting and unexpecting, sometimes even shocking,but it sometimes it's a real example of a great combination of beauty and intellect.I would like to meet characters in women politics in cultural sphere more often,because I think it's really interesting to watch the way women heads goverments and make courage decisions.

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