Pride Worldwide

After the Stonewall Riots in 1969, a nationwide grassroots movement began in the United States to advocate for the rights of GLBTQ people in America. These days Pride has gone global, and events are held annually from New York to Bangalore to Seoul to raise awareness while having a good time with queers and allies. Below is a peek at Pride celebrations around the world. If you're near one of these places, click the links to find out how you can attend upcoming events! The festivities have only just begun, so there's plenty of time for you to get down with the gays this summer!

Korea Queer Culture Festival

Paris Gay Pride

Bengaluru (Bangalore) Pride

Pride Barcelona

Pride London

Bangkok Pride

Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras

Delhi Queer Pride

Antwerp Pride

Tokyo Gay Pride

Cologne Pride

Canada Pride

Gay Belarus

Manila Pride

Amsterdam Gay Pride

Joberg Pride

Stockholm Pride

Tel Aviv Gay Pride

Chennai Pride

Berlin Gay Pride

by Mandy Van Deven
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"Canada" Pride

You've linked to Montreal Pride and labelled it "Canada Pride" - in fact, there are a number of major cities in Canada that hold Pride events. Why, why, why do American publications speak of Canada as if it's a city, rather than a country? I didn't see India Pride or Germany Pride...


the caption is linked to both Montreal and Vancouver. Each word in that caption has a different link. I felt like the West was over-represented in this post, and that providing two different links in the caption would be sufficient to communicate to the reader that Canada is not--to reiterate what you said--one city.


Thank you for this. It's so nice to see in pictures what we all know: that this struggle exists all over the world, it is experienced by many diverse people and that homosexuality isn't a broad enough category.

Time for the globe to start liking alphabet soup ;)

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