Project Runway Season 10: I Like Candy When it's Wrapped in a Sweater

The competition was sweet during the unconventional materials challenge on last night’s Project Runway—and not just because the clothes were made of candy.

the designers standing in a group outside of Dylan's Candy Bar
Sweet and Sour (we’re looking at you, Dmitry).

We figure you’ve seen the episode already, so instead of recapping we Project Runway fans chime in each week with our takes on the action. Join us in the comments!

The challenge: Create a look made of candy from Dylan’s Candy Bar (which is apparently owned by Ralph Lauren’s daughter. Who knew? Will she be providing candy accessories to the US Olympic Team this evening then do you think?).

The winner: Ven. It was about time, if you ask him.

The auf’d: Lantie. It was about time, if you ask us.

Now trending…
So, to be completely fair (before I start complaining), I should offer a disclaimer: I have no idea when Project Runway’s seasons are actually filmed. Furthermore, even if I did, I doubt I’d be able to place them in time with the emergence of the various trends I’m about to bemoan. That said, I’m already dreading the designs that are this season’s mullet skirts (and by “mullet skirts,” I mean “OMG NOT ANOTHER MULLET SKIRT, JERELL!!!”) and I am not pleased.

This episode was filled with styles so new and inspiring that I could easily find a Forever 21 version. At Buffalo Exchange. Raul’s peekaboo midrift made me concerned about all the cold model stomachs we have ahead of us. Elena’s hyperdefined shoulders made me think Kardashians in Space (1. E! better not be reading this blog & 2. I fully acknowledge the long fashion history of shoulder pads). However, it was Gunnar Deatherage’s peplum skirts that struck fear in my heart. You know when you say a word so many times that it then loses meaning? During and immediately after the Oscars, there seemed to be a constant peplum debate going on. Fashion pundits on TV sang their praises. The Fug Girls did not. My social circle was divided. Peplum peplum peplum (see?!?). As mentioned earlier, I won’t fault the designers, since ProjRun isn’t a live production. But nonetheless, Gunnar’s candy checkerboard made me wary of a season of waist ruffles. (Side note: Is anyone else surprised that Kenley wasn’t more of a peplum fan?)

Gunnar sitting next to some bags of candy
Seriously Gunnar, knock it off with the peplum (and lose the attitude).

Assorted thoughts:
Was Heidi wearing pajamas on the runway? I hope so, if only because now I know that we enjoy wearing the same attire whilst criticizing Fashion Week hopefuls.

What we know about next week: The 14 remaining designers will be breaking into seven teams of two. Each team will be designing an outfit for or inspired by a previous contestant. The previous contestants include (or may only be) Anya, Kenley, and Irina. Obviously, if there are only those three ladies, clearly some teams will be designing for the same person. However, I’m holding out that there will be seven inspirational PR contestants, if anything so that we can see more blasts from ProjRun’s past. Korto! Leeann! Wendy Pepper (gotcha!)!

- Annalee

the judges sitting on their chairs looking at the camera
Heidi is secretly the meanest judge on the show, and this photo proves it.

One-trick Ponies
We’re only two episodes in, but many of the designers this season are already falling into predictable patterns. Having a strong sense of style is one thing (love you Sonjia! You too Alicia!) but last night’s runway show gave us several looks we’ve seen before. Like, last week before. It’s too early in the season for us to be able to tell who made what so easily! Let’s review some of these one-hit wonders:

  • Melissa, black leather loses its edge when you make everything out of it.
  • Like Annalee said Elena, we’ve seen your “warrior woman” look a few times too many already.
  • Kooan you are a treasure, but everything you’ve made so far is straight outta the same cartoon.
  • We hate to kick you when you’re down Lantie, but your clothes were already boring us.
  • You were a ballroom dancer, Dmitry? Wow, looking at your designs you’d NEVER KNOW.
  • You’re wacky, Buffi. We get it.<//li>
  • Ven you’re clearly talented, but why did no one call you out on that rose repeat? Two challenges in a row?

Ven and his first roseVen and his second rose
Every rose has its Ven.

Again, a distinct style is one thing, but repeating looks is something else. Did you notice how many of the designers scoffed at the unconventional materials challenge or bent it to fit their aesthetics? Elena with her insistence on monochromatics, Lantie with her insistence on boring fabrics, Dmitry with his insistence on being dour at all times… This is Project Runway you guys! Lighten up and eat some candy already! If these designers can’t change up their looks I predict they’ll be auf’d one by one. Even you, Ven.

Sonjia with a bag on her head like a hat
Not you though Sonjia. #neverchange

Assorted thoughts: It’s interesting how many designers have strong personal styles this season. Usually there will be one or two standouts (Christian Siriano with that flatiron, anyone?) but so far at least half of the contestants from Season 10 are working what Tim Gunn would call “a lot of look.” Is this a new trend for PR or just a coincidence?

Predictions: We don’t know the teams for next week yet, but I think Sonjia is due for a win. I loved her gummy shark dress, and she seems easy to work with too. Whichever team gets Kenley to design for is bound to run into some problems. Beware flying cats!

- Kelsey

The Gunn Show: As PR devotees know, this is Tim Gunn’s world and we just live in it. Each week we’ll pick our favorite Gunn moment (tell us yours too!). This week? Timmy’s announcement that, “This is a glue the shit out of it moment.” Indeed.

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My Gunn moment

I loved it when he said, "Can I be brutally honest?" It really didn't matter what he planned to follow that up with...

I also loved that he didn't

I also loved that he didn't follow that up with ripping her apart. Because often I feel like when someone says, "Can I be brutally honest?" They intend to just be a huge dick. But then it's Tim Gunn so one really can't expect anything other than tact and guiding the designers without making them feel like total crap.

Yes! I love that Tim doesn't

Yes! I love that Tim doesn't pull any punches, but nothing he says ever feels mean. When he told Andrea that he "didn't have the words to express how completely underwhelmed" he was by her outfit, I thought, "Ouch!" Then I thought, "You know, that's exactly right." I thought for sure she would be in the bottom three--I was amazed that she was safe.

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