Projects to watch: Gay Genius comic anthology

Image by Edie Fake

Did someone say 120 perfect-bound pages of comics by queer artists? Gay Genius, an anthology of comics and graphic art is edited by small-press superstar Annie Murphy (featured on our blog here) and will be published by Sparkplug Comics–but it needs your help before it gets there.

Visit their Kickstarter page to learn more about the project and watch the video showcasing the art and artists involved (complete with an Erasure song, to really tug at your heartstrings.)

Here’s Murphy on the project:

What alternative? Whose underground? We feel that queer comics artists/comics artists of color (and cartoonists of other marginalized groups) have always been relegated to the underground of the underground. This just won’t do! This is where Gay Genius comes in. Gay Genius is an anthology celebrating the history and mystery of the queer experience. This anthology digs deep, celebrating life and death and everything in between. We here at Gay Genius believe that nothing quite like this anthology has been see yet in the world. And the world is ready!

Although Sparkplug is splitting the publishing costs, there’s still some dough to raise, so if you love queers and comics step up for the project. If you donate over $25 right now you get a free copy of the anthology! That’s a small price for the work of Royal Newbold, Lee Relvas, Edie Fake, Matt Runkle, Adee Roberson, Sarah Sass Biscarra, Clio Reese Sady, Annie Murphy, Sailor Holladay, Elisha Lim, Mat Defiler, Ellery Russian, Kubby Bear, and Silky Shoemaker all in one place. Check out their page and help Gay Genius become a reality!

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