Prop 8 - The Musical

I wish once a week, it was “musical day,” where we sort out our disagreements through song. What would you like to see a musical about?

by Debbie Rasmussen
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I'm over the moon at seeing NPH and Maya Rudolph in this (among others). Now how bout a musical number on abortion rights?

Isn't that (Fill In The Blank)???

Watching this is like a Where's Waldo of celebrities. If only this came out prior to the election...

are these types of sketches

are these types of sketches the new feed-the-world-band-aid medleys? Cause i'm down.

me, too

i see a bitch musical in the future... who shall we ask to be in it?

Bitch: The Musical

I love it! I am getting my vocal chords warmed up as we speak. Do you think we can get Andy Richter to be in our musical, too? Because if he is willing to wear that shirt/shorts combo again then I am definitely in.

PS - It is so awesome that so many of our fave celebrities are in this musical! I am in swoon city.

Made me grin

This made me grin from start to finish. I agree it would have been better before the election, though I guess it's a benefit of hindsight.

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