This Weekend in San Fransisco, Go See “Queer Rebels of the Harlem Renaissance”

Founded in 2008, arts group Queer Rebel Productions has made it their mission to showcase queer artists of color and connect generations. “We are a multi-generational, Queer Black and Asian artist-activist couple,” explain co-directors Celeste Chan and KB Boyce, via email. “Queer Rebels is our lovechild: beautiful and rebellious, aesthetic and experimental, born from our experiences as people of color in punk and DIY scenes, and created with riotously gay love and joy.”

The group run hosted numerous inspiring events, including the recent showcase SPIRIT: A Century of Queer Asian Activism in San Francsico. 

This weekend, they’re presenting provocative performance and films in Queer Rebels of the Harlem Renaissance, as part of the Queer Cultural Center’s 16th Annual National Queer Arts Festival in San Francisco and Oakland. The Queer Cultural Center never fails to bring the most important and groundbreaking queer events to the forefront, so check it out if you live in the Bay Area. 

In the face of rising city rents and increasing displacement, Queer Rebels fiercely carves out space for vibrant Queer Black artists in San Francisco. Queer Rebels of the Harlem Renaissance “celebrates our traditions of dissent, swank, and Queer Black aesthetics,” explains KB Boyce, via email.”We are inspired by the way Harlem artists supported each other and broke down doors for creative, sexual, and intellectual freedom. These historic artists paved the way. We pay homage to Queer Harlem while marching boldly into the future.”

Go check out the show:

San Francisco

Where: Friday-Saturday July 5-6, 2013. Doors 7:30pm; Show at 8pm

When: African American Art and Culture Complex, 762 Fulton Street, SF

Tickets: $15-25, available at



Where: New Parkway Theater, 474 24th Street, Oakland

When: Sunday July 7, 2013 at 12 Noon.

Tickets: $7-10, available at

by Devyn Manibo
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Devyn Manibo is a Jersey City raised (and based) award-winning interdisciplinary/multigalactic artist. She can usually be found race raging, shade bending, and averting your settler colonialist gaze with a resting glare of displeasure.

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