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Vietnamese Mail Order Bride: $8,000. WTF International Diner’s Club? Via Racewire.

New tapes reveal Nixon was warmonger, racist, and anti-Semitic. Why am I not surprised? At all? Not in the least? Not one—okay that’s probably enough.

Hilarious new Infomania segment “That’s Gay.”

Joss Whedon gives his final answer to the question “Why do you always write such strong women characters?” The answer will warm your heart!

Kate Harding and Marianne Kirby write on the depiction of fat women in romance novels (there is usually a box of doughnuts involved, ugh).

The Washington Post turns an economic story on Jimmy Choo into a sexist stereotype of women going rabid over expensive shoes.

DIY health and beauty on Wiretap!

All I’m saying is Jenny Shimizu never looked like that on Make Me a Supermodel! Top 100 Hottest Butches of 2009 (author disclaimer included).

Amelie Gilette major burns Jennifer Love Hewitt’s new relationship book.

Utne Reader reports on Pepperdine University finding correlation between promoting women and business success.

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incorrect link

The Joss Whedon link sends me to a delightful story about eco-friendly fashion habits... but I really did want to read what Joss Whedon says about his strong women characters...


ackkk!! Thank you April!!! There was some hasty copying and pasting going on there. Thank you guys for catching that!! It's definitely worth the correcting!! The correct link is in the post now.

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