Raising Trouble: “We're Good Guys Now”

"Hey, Mommy, we're good guys now." My four-year-old son is eager to update me on playground politics at the end of the day. (Ivan and his friends have been playing bad guys all year. You can read about that in earlier posts here, and here, and about Iggy, the boy who'd prefer to play princess.)

"We used to be bad guys, but now we're good. We rescue Iggy from the bad guys," he says proudly.

"Because he's still a princess?" I clarify.

"Yes!" Ivan seems eager to impress upon me how much more civilized this new game is, and I have to agree. Iggy, like other pre-school princesses I know, seems perfectly capable of rescuing himself, but there's no need to interrogate that just now. The good guys embrace Princess Iggy, and that's much better than shooting him.

It's Iggy's parent's job to tell him: Watch out for those knights in shining armor.

by Liza Featherstone
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Knight Saves Princess

This just reminds of the whole knight saves princess concept. Personally, I think the idea behind a knight (usually always a man) saving a princess (usually always a woman) is absurd. Are women just incapable of fending for themselves? Oh wait, I forgot, they need a man to protect them from danger.

Sorry to go off on a rant here, but I just find all of these traditional gender role seeds being planted in the minds of children earlier and earlier. But, despite my negativity, it's great that Iggy wants to play the princess. Although he might not know it now, it shows a lot of courage on his part because he's not afraid to step out and be who he wants to be. Either way, he's still buying into the mysonginistic ideals behind the game.

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