Read an Important Letter From Kathleen Hanna

To all the feminists out there—

I cling to Bitch mag like a baby blanket, or one of those life-preserver rings they throw you when you can’t swim. To further the bad analogy: Sometimes I feel like I’m drowning in an ocean of “do-me feminism” or a feminism that is more about slogans than actually changing anything, or, worse, no feminism at all.

Bitch Media is what I hold on to in these moments because Bitch is not afraid to be too smart, too activist, too academic, or too angry. I don’t want “feminism lite.” I want the real deal. I want to read great writers sorting through the issues I care about most. Feminism and poverty, intersectionality, trans inclusion. I want to hear music and movie and art reviews written from the points of view of people hell-bent on changing the world.

I can get fluff anywhere, but Bitch Media is the only place where I can read about the current state of all different kinds of feminism, with perspectives that jump from the deeply personal to the highly academic and back again. And while I love the website and the fact that I can get Bitch on my Kindle, I gotta say, in these times when other magazines are folding and newspapers are closing their doors, I need Bitch mag—the one I can hold in my hands, unfold on the train, take a bubble bath with—to stay in print.

It’s not easy to put out an actual printed periodical in 2014, which is why I’m asking you to help keep Bitch Media alive, to help them continue as a quarterly magazine, to put up new posts and interviews every day, to get to more college campuses for talks and workshops, to put new episodes of Popaganda in your podcast queue, and to make sure that they have the funding they need to respond to pop culture when it matters the most. We need feminism to keep growing and changing and challenging us, and we need Bitch around to see us all through.

Buy a subscription, donate a few dollars—or more, if you have it. Because Bitch isn’t just a magazine or a website, it’s the feminist media that fuels our movement.

Kathleen Hanna
Artist, Feminist, Riot Grrrl Activist

by Kathleen Hanna
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