Record label finds belly threatening, natural

Amanda Palmer (brains behind Dresden Dolls, among other projects), was recently asked by her record label, Roadrunner, to cut scenes from her video “Leeds United,” which features (along with a burlesque club, soccer fans, dancing girls) a few shots of Palmer’s…..dunh dunh dunnnnh…, Bowflex-free tummy! Mr. A&R wanted those shots edited, explaining, “I’m a guy, Amanda. I understand what people like.”

Here’s the video in question…..(WARNING! Some viewers may not find the following material offensive in the slightest!)

Because Palmer has half a brain, she politely said nuh-uh, a-hole! Aside from seeing through the blatent sexist drivel, she also points out the obvious on her blog: “There’s just NOTHING [in the video] that anybody would really object to, even by MAINSTREAM standards.” Once the news broke, a viral support system of fans began posting pictures of their own bellies in solidarity.

Unfortunately, the belly debacle (a reminder that “selling out” for female musicians usually means more than going mainstream) is just one of several issues she’s having with her management at the moment.

Pitchfork’s Matthew Solarski and Amy Phillips did a good job outlining the trajectory of Bellygate, but nothing beats what Ms. Amanda Palmer herself has to say about it here.

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See, obviously, this A&R dipshit does not know what people like, since his label signs terrible bands like Slipknot and, ugh, Nickelback. Also, if you're an Amanda Palmer fan, the LAST thing you want to see is some cookie cutter Barbie prancing about, fueld by Diet Coke and lettuce. Women, send in your belly photos! Join the Rebellyon! And if you are a fan, go see Amanda Palmer on tour, where she will get a larger cut of the profits. We will prevail!

I LOVE Amanda Palmer! She is

I LOVE Amanda Palmer! She is incredibly sexy, imo, and yeah, that video had nothing even that wild! Her video for "Oasis" (you guys should check it out btw!) features her being raped and having a coat hanger abortion to a cheery piano melody. But her BELLY is what they consider objectionable? lol. Record labels should know better than to pull this kind of crap, they never end up looking good.

I'm actually more than a little surprised....

that the label didn't object to the brief shot of two men kissing.

Completely unsurprised that they had zero problem with the woman-on-woman kissing, or the implied violence of a rugby (?) player cocking back his fist, as if to deck a much smaller woman.

Leeds United

Wow. That is suddenly my new favorite video. Nothing to do the with belly, but the bellowing and brawling of it all.

I like what Mz Palmer has to say on her blog about not trying to look "hungry." But hopefully bellygate itself will end up being a moot point, merely luring in a few odd ducks (like me) that hadn't yet realized what an awesome musician we've got here. I suspect that Big Media is always trying to exert control like that...and most musicians simply kowtow to the power.

I wonder if the Mr "I'm a guy" suspects that those crazy eyebrows might not be the most popular mainstream fashion statement either?

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