RIP, yet again

I am hoping that the B-sides blog won't become a weekly RIP to independent publications - but then again, maybe it will wake us all up, myself included, to the reality that independent media is becoming increasingly more difficult to produce and that we can create opportunites to do something about it, otherwise we'll wake up and it will all be gone. That all sounds fine and good to say and think about and then five minutes later we are all back to our green teas and talking about what happened on Lost last night. I don't have the right answer - maybe some of you have some ideas on how to be activists and allies for indie media.

That all said, The Polishing Stone, has ceased print publication at this time. Please read their letter, search their website and if you can, support them during this time. We are all in this together and as cheeseball as it sounds when one goes down, we really all go down together.

Some bright news to this sad posting is I saw my first tulip yesterday. If you've got any bright news, send it on as well along with your allied/activist ideas. We could use a little of both today.




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