RuPaul's Drag Race Comic Recap: The Six Best Moments from Episode Five

This season of RuPaul’s Drag Race soldiers on with episode five’s “Snatch Game.” The game promises to separate the Queens from the Jokers, as the witty and witless alike take center stage. It all happens on Drag Race! My illustrated recap of the show’s six best moments is below.

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by Carolyn Main
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Gurl Bye!

Was not sorry to see her go. She was SO beautiful but SO vapid. I will say that she had mad costume design skills but other than that and her ability to transform into ethereal fish, gurl bye!

My Seattle love killed it in the Snatch Game and everyone else was just...lacking. (I give a bit of exception to Roxxxy because she captured Tamar's rachet.COM personality a bit too well.)

Can't wait for the next episode. Is Jade going home?

I love that Ru made Alyssa

I love that Ru made Alyssa apologize to Katy Perry for her impersonation of her. I work at DISH, and this is my favorite show to talk about with my co-workers. Unfortunately, RuPaul’s Drag Race airs on a night when I work late, but with my DISH Hopper and its 2,000 hours of storage space, I can record the full season along with the full seasons of my other favorite shows. There is so much room available; I never have to worry about deleting them.

You have my favorite recaps!

You have my favorite recaps! These cartoons are simply the best.

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