RuPaul's Drag Race Comic Recap: The Six Best Moments from Episode Six

I’ve been illustrating the best moments of RuPaul’s Drag Race all season long. In this week’s episode, inspired by Live Aid, the remaining queens sing for their lives. The stage shrinks as dead weight becomes painfully obvious, teetering off the edges. Drag Race drags on. Here, are this week’s six best moments, in cartoon majesty.

rupauls drag race comic


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by Carolyn Main
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Funny but needs a proofreader

This is great but you need someone to check the spelling! Ouch!!!!

Can I get an AMEN?

Thank you.

1: Those definitely were some

1: Those definitely were some nice crotches.

2: I've had a total crush on Jinx since episode five. His pretty red hair and personality just does it for me. (though I did enjoy Roxxy and Alaska's impersonations).

3: Her photo dress was pretty awesome, too.

4: Speaking of surgery, I will give Coco credit for going out of her comfort zone with her runway look. It reminds me of something Sharon Needles might come up with.

I used to love Roxxy and

I used to love Roxxy and Detox, but their forced teaming is becoming DETOXXIC. They are both very talented, but MEAN QUEENS to the other, maybe even more talented girls.

Coco did invoke some Needles. Coco, like Alaska, could really try for Sharon's heart while at it. Phi Phi really did Sharon some favors by being such the antagonist.

Ivy's very sweet and so skilled and boy/girl pretty. She doesn't seem to have comedy down.

Next week is a RU ROAST! And Jinxks will kill. (but I hate the way she spells her name, I'm already easily spelling confused.)

Thanks for the hilarious

Thanks for the hilarious cartoon recap! I had no idea Detox had so many surgeries, at least we know now she’s never had her nose done. I started a new work schedule at DISH, and missed this episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race when it first aired. Fortunately, my DISH Hopper along with its 2,000 hours of storage space recorded it for me. There is so much room available I’m recording the full season and the full seasons of my other favorite shows. With all this available space, I’ll never have to worry about deleting any of them.

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