RuPaul's Drag Race Comic Recap: The Six Best Moments from Episode Four

Continuing our weekly illustrated recap of the most fabulous show on TV, in the fourth episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race, the competition gets fierce in a dance battle. Ghosts of mothers are present. The whip is cracked. One hundred thousand dollars are on the line.

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by Carolyn Main
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The double-elimination

The double-elimination definitely made my jaw drop and I was pretty surprised Coco's first pick was her rival for her team, but it paid off. Other than that, I would've loved to have met Ru's mother; she sounds awesome.

Everybody in my front room

Everybody in my front room was all SEND THEM BOTH HOME and when it happened, wow. I feel its a big response to Jiggly Caliente's never ending lip-synching that now they just double eliminate when they want.
Is Ru's mom still alive? She sounds like the best person ever.

Could be. Say, who would you

Could be. Say, who would you like to see one of the Queens imitate on the Snatch Game. Ann Coulter (or any of those other harpies) would be a good choice if done right.


This show is the lowest common denominator in television. Not because it is based around drag, but because Ru Paul is a talentless hack who offers nothing. The people on the show are horrific human beings and should be shunned by society. This is on the same level as Jersey Shore and Maury. Trashy people owing trashy things.

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