RuPaul's Drag Race: The Season Premiere's Best Moments Illustrated


RuPaul’s Drag Race debuted its fifth season this week. If you’ve never watched the show, all you need to know is that it’s the sparkling vision of glamazon mastermind, RuPaul. In this reality show that far makes Project Runaway look like crumbs on a cubicle desk. Fabulous men embody women, creating and presenting glittering outfits for judges. They make you shout at the screen, “Oh snap!” and, “Oh no, she didn’t!” But she did! And her realness is sickening.

I illustrated six of my favorite moments from the season premiere. They are the moments of moments. 



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by Carolyn Main
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Rupaul is a bigot and i hate that he's given so much influence

<p>As a black trans woman, I've been shocked and offended at ru-paul's callous dismissal of people like me. He has repeatedly and apologetically showed a condescending and hateful attitude towards us. Once, during an interview, he said "I]f you’re offended by someone calling you a “tranny,” it was only because you believe you are a “tranny!” So then, the solution is: Change your mind about yourself being a “tranny.”

This dismissal of the way that such a derogatory and degrading term has been used violently against trans people is disturbing. I have nothing but contempt for him. It wouldn't bother me as much as it does if rupaul weren't considered a spokesperson for trans and gender-nonconforming people by the media. (he's not, and never should be, but this is more proof of the media's ignorance about trans people's lives and experiences.)
Transgriot (a blog linked to by bitch media's own website) elaborates on this concern of mine


Hrm! Ru loves to be flippant

Hrm! Ru loves to be flippant with language, and I'm sure he's been callous, intentionally or otherwise, over his long career. He embraces a lot of words that have been used as insults, in part perhaps, to repurpose them. While he is not a spokesperson for transexual issues, he is a gay icon. Drag Race has had contestants on drag race who later came out as transexual, such as Carmon Carrera.
Ru if nothing else, embraces the fluidity of identify. As he likes to say, "You are born naked, and the rest is drag." While he might be imperfect, I find his spirit inspirational.

These are THE BEST, please

These are THE BEST, please please keep them coming!


BEAUTIFUL! PLEASE keep them coming!!! <3

Okie Doke, you the boss! :)

Okie Doke, you the boss! :)

The author responding to

The author responding to comments comes off as unprofessional. Especially they argue with people who find this offensive. In contrast to calling someone who agrees "the boss."

Calling out the author for

Calling out the author for responding to feedback confuses me. Isn't one of the main functions of the internet to allow and encourage people to engage with one another?

The author didn't slam the person making the comment. Instead, she did what most people wish other humans would do: she shared her thoughts and feelings on the subject without talking down to anyone and without judging anyone. I think she's a pretty stellar example of how people should engage in these sorts of discussions (not arguments).


I don't think she comes off as unprofessional at all. It's a blog - You're supposed to be having a conversation with the readers.

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