RuPaul's Drag Race: Episode Two Illustrated Recap

RuPaul’s Drag Race! I watch every episode! Project Runway meets drag queens creates a weekly spectacle so hilarious that I’m unable to tear my eyeballs away from the TV screen! Last week, I illustrated my favorite six moments from the Drag Race season premiere. Here are my six picks from the season’s second fabulous episode where talented and insane drag queen performance artists lip-synch for their very lives and 100 grand in prize money! 

by Carolyn Main
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nice comic, but the title... i think you mean episode two :)


I'm sooooooooooo glad to hear Bitch talking about this show!

Not being one for reality TV or TV in general it was fate when Ru Paul's Drag Race appeared in front of my eyeballs, and its been love ever since.
I've been a long time viewer, but in complete isolation. None of my friends or co-workers watch it, let alone know that its powers exists! I've longed to talk about the queens and the funny/dramatic moments with someone else!
This comic is awesome!
This show is awesome!
This blog is awesome!

Thanks! Drag Race is

Thanks! Drag Race is addictive like that! I made some friends watch it through a campaign of intimidation. Please share any of your Queen Feelings here!

"Monica cries on the runway,

"Monica cries on the runway, coming out as trans. So that's why her tuck is flawless."

Well, that's nasty.

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