Bitch in Salt Lake City

Back to the most recent Bitch fundraising trip...

I'd never been to Salt Lake City before, so I was excited to check it out.  After a long drive in from Denver, I was even more excited to be greeted by a plate of vegan cookies, freshly-baked by our host, Courtney Maguire (thanks, Courtney!). Courtney is one of the folks involved with the Female Empwerment Movement (FEM), a new(ish) feminist group created in response to the high rates of sexual violence in Salt Lake. FEM also helped organize and get the word out of the evening's events, and I'm grateful. 

I'm also grateful to Angela Brown, Meghann Griggs, and the rest of the folks at SLUG magazine,who responded almost immediately to our call for assistance in helping
put together the discussion and fundraiser in Salt Lake. SLUG was founded in 1989 and remains Utah's oldest alternative paper. 

After a much needed nap at Courtney's, I was off to Sam Weller's, a local independent bookstore, for the Feminism In/Action discussion. I was thrilled that over 30 people came out to share their thoughts on the current state of feminism, the place for men in feminist movements, and feminism and its relationship to the LDS Church.

After that I was off to an art show/silent auction in honor of Bitch at the Kayo Gallery, a beautiful space that Shilo Jackson and Davina Pallone opened up for the cause (thank you!). Thanks, too, to the numerous artists who donated their work for auction, and to the local companies that donated food. I've never been to a Bitch event where we at Bitch just had to show up, so I'm extremely grateful for all the folks who came together to make the night such a success.  

And these photos?  Unfortunately none of the photos of the art auction turned out, but adjacent to the Kayo Gallery is the incredibly charming Frosty Darling. Handmade journals, cards, candy, vintage picnic sets... Adorable.    

frosty darling

frosty darling

frosty darling

Thanks again to everyone who made the night such a huge success.  I can't wait to return... 


by Debbie Rasmussen
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