Sapphic Salon: 5 New Books by Queer Women You Should Read Now

Natalie Stein
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In a time when Sarah Palin's memoir is a best seller, it can be hard to locate books by out women at major bookstores. But even if you have to use the internet or (even better) support your local feminist/queer shop, there are quality books being published that are way more worth your time.

Terry CastleThe Professor

Writings from the Stanford prof on her fascination with World War I, taking her mother on a trip to Santa Fe and her disastrous love affair with a professor while in grad school. It's incredibly well-written, funny, poignant, queer and self-deprecating in a way that makes you nod your head in agreement.

Barbara HammerHammer: Making Movies out of Sex and Life

The legendary artist and filmmaker has created a collage of her writings, photographs and journal entries from her four decades of work and relationships with women. Includes a novella, "My Life as Henry James."

Joan SchenkarThe Talented Miss Highsmith

The 600-page biography of the lesbian mystery writer details her affairs, her false marriages and her bizarre relationships with food, films and her secret comic book career. It also includes a plot outline of her lesbian novel, The Price of Salt and a detailed pro/con list of her lovers.

Terri GriffithSo Much Better

A piece of fiction about Liz, a woman unhappy with her girlfriend and meaningless job, looking for something more, and momentarily finding it with her partner's teenage sister. It's refreshing to read a story about a lesbian whose sexuality is the least of her problems.

Michelle CliffEverything is Now: Collected Stories

The bisexual Jamaican writer put together several short stories from her career that tie together in similar themes, characters or events. It deals with class and race issues just as much as gender and sexuality.

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I love getting tips about books I would have probably missed!! Thanks for posting this. Someone will be doing some online shopping later this week...

i'm offended you put sarah

i'm offended you put sarah palins book in the same catigory as the lesbian authors. lifestyle and content not even remotely related.


What makes you think Ms. Stein is putting Sarah Palin's book in the same category as these books? The one reference to Palin is a joke meant to emphasize how *different* they are.

I'm so thankful every time I

I'm so thankful every time I see new list about books worth reading. I've just planned to purchase some new stuff to pamper my brain and soul=)
The latest books I enjoyed very much:
1. Andrea Dworkin's Heartbreak- the political memoir of a feminist militant.
2. Janet Malcolm's Two Lives: Gertrude and Alice.
3. And what about The Book of the City of Ladies by Christine de Pizan (1405)? It's a classic, but one I rarely see mentioned.

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