Sapphic Salon: The Rachel Maddow Backlash

Natalie Stein
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For a while, it really seemed like Rachel Maddow was respected. While conservatives surely disagreed with her, most of them would give her an interview on her show, or seem to acknowledge her as someone to watch out for. She had an educated opinion, and she was eerily intelligent and well-spoken. (To some, I’m sure, that ignored Air America, she “came out of nowhere.”)


Suddenly, Rachel Maddow has become a target. Andrew Breitbart, just yesterday, told the press what he’d say to Maddow, if he ever has the pleasure of meeting her:

I hope to see you and give you a lovely hug because you validated my hopes and aspirations and my business model because you’re so bad at what you do.

He also doesn’t appreciate how she treats Sarah Palin and says Maddow is part of “a propaganda campaign to attack the last president … and make him out to be the worst human being that ever walked the face of the earth.” Sure, he does acknowledge she’s not the only person who is part of this “campaign” — however, it’s not so much of a “campaign” as an accepted fact that he wasn’t an ideal leader. But isn’t that the Rachel Maddow audience? There are a lot of us, and it’s not for naught — he really did suck. Sorry, Andrew Breitbart.

But Andrew isn’t the only one. Watch this clip of her telling Glenn Beck off.

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In case you missed it, he’s accusing Rachel of lying and misquoting him.

And here’s The National Review on Rachel, after her appearance on her Meet the Press last week:

Maddow misleads and dissembles on several fronts … Maddow regularly eviscerates, obliterates, calls out, destroys, and “bitch slaps” right-wing liars.

But what is strange about this recent calling-out of Rachel Maddow is that it seems to be happening all at once. Is it that she’s more well-known now? Probably not — her show has actually dropped in ratings since the 2008 Presidential Election. Could it be that she’s just ruthless and consistently right?

“I was an activist before I went into the media,” Maddow said in The Washington Post. “It is useful for me to tell my opinion on some things I cover. But I’m not trying to get people to march in the streets or call their congressmen. I don’t believe that’s my role.”

And MSNBC stands by Rachel’s opinions. “I prefer having dissenting voices speak to Rachel on an issue,” her producer says. “We have a difficult time sometimes booking folks who don’t agree with Rachel.”

And here is Rachel, “the closest she’ll ever get” to interviewing Liz Cheney.

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If conservatives don’t agree with her, they could at least respect that she’s a representative of the liberal media, and she isn’t saying things just for shock value. She has a valid, informed opinion that she is willing to back up at any cost. If you want to express your opinion, conservatives, you might as well do it on her show, where she can answer you directly, instead of having to take you to task elsewhere.

Lastly, perhaps the best time for Dick Cheney to finally allow an interview on Rachel’s show would be now, after he acknowledged that Don’t Ask Don’t Tell is a thing of the past. Maybe progress really is in the future — for The Rachel Maddow Show and society at large.

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Of course the right wants to

Of course the right wants to discredit Rachel Maddow; if they can convince people that she is a liar less people will listen to her. Maddow frequently exposes hypocrisy and problems within the republican party and conservative movement, but the right doesn't want people knowing what they are doing. Rachel Maddow is keeping people informed and holding the right accountable for their actions. Don't let them silence you Rachel! Your opinions need to be heard!

I'm glad I'm not the only

I'm glad I'm not the only one who has fun at conferences like that (and merrily mocks them at the same time). She's honest and fairly polite in responding to Beck so props to her.

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The right wing media talking

The right wing media talking heads obviously can't handle an intelligent and astute lesbian journalist deconstructing their talking points for what they really are, homophobic, racist and moronic slurs which they try desperately to amalgamate into some sort of coherent argument. So it comes down to this, the lowly act of character assassination. If you don't have an intelligible response you might as well put your opponent down with sad statements like this. Luckily Rachel is above engaging in this sort of idiocy. Nothing they say can demean her integrity and most of all, the truth! Go Rachel!

Are you nuts? Most of us

Are you nuts? Most of us (the majority of white male america/USA) would LOVE nothing other than watching maddow eat coulters pussy. I mean REALLY chick on chick is fine. Two guys swapping spit? VOMIT

Welcome to white male dominate USA.

We got a few more years anyways :)

I would love to have drinks

I would love to have drinks with Rachel Maddow. She is a total hottie, incredibly intelligent, and has a freaking doctorate from Oxford.
Wanna know who are the most brilliant,articulate and fearless women in the spotlight today?
1- Michelle Obama,
2-Rachel Maddow and
3- Chelsea Handler.
Thanks a lot for the post!

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