Sarah Haskins: Fashion Expert on the Rachel Maddow Show

By now maybe you’ve heard of Ralph Lauren model Filippa Hamilton’s contract being terminated because she was “too fat.” (And all this after she was horrendously photoshopped.)

Who better than tackle the topic than Target Women’s Sarah Haskins, who was on the Rachel Maddow Show last night! If you missed it, here’s the clip…(it also shows what happens when their graphic design team uses the same Photoshop dimensions on Rachel Maddow!)

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“Ralph Lauren is just playing the game with everyone else. I think this incident primarily explains, to me, why Ralph Lauren fired…me.”

by Kjerstin Johnson
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The Deadly Game Fashion Designers Play

The recent media spotlight on Ralph Lauren's desire to present dangerously thin models was still apparent to me when I watched the Ralph Lauren Collection Runway Show on his website earlier today. Three years after Anorexia claimed the lives of Uruguayan model Luisel Remos and Brazilian model Anna Reston very little has changed. As a February 4, 2007 post in the <a href=" rel="nofollow">Dreddy_Clinic</a> Weblog pointed out there had been a furor over dangerously thin models back then. The Council of Fashion Designers of America, a trade organization of over 300 fashion and accessory designers headed by Dianne Von Furstenburg, made some recommendations but those recommendations seem to have been more of a "C.Y.O.A." public relations move than anything else. The second to last paragraph of the "<a href=" rel="nofollow">CFDA_Health_Initiative</a>" states in part "The CFD Health Initiative is about awareness and education, not policing. Therefore the committee does not recommend that models get a doctor's examination to assess their health or body mass index to be permitted to work." At the same time the bizarre notion of anorexia being beautiful is still being aggressively promoted by CFDA members. Victoria's Secret sometimes uses models who's legs are so skinny they dont fill the leg holes of their panties. Some of them seem to have hardly have any buttocks at all. That doesn't seem very sexy to me. I think it will be a good thing if the lawsuit by Filippa Palmistierna-Hamilton causes the media to take a much harder look not only at how they portray beauty, but how hard they are pushing for an unhealthy image. For every model with anorexia who dies how many tens of thousands of ordinary women have died trying to emulate them?

Please Stop Bashing People Like Me!


My name is Sasha and i work as a model. I'm 170cm tall and weigh about 43 kilos. I have absolutely no eating disorders, my size is just a result of genetics. Practically everyone in my family is really skinny and tall.

I generally am against models working in this business if they do have ant kind of eating disorders. I believe in nature and that every person should look the way nature intended. If that means weighing 80 kilos or 40, natural is beautiful. Which means not not starving yourself to death but not stuffing yourself with junk food either. I am all for people feeling good about themselves the way they are, but binge eating is not natural. You don't see an obese giraffe or squirrel in nature.

What I get upset over is everyone constantly bashing the 'evil' fashion industry, mainly models, and blaming them for other peoples problems. Modeling is a job and nothing more. No one said you have to look like that and nobody expects you to. A model advertises the clothing shes wearing and not herself. If a girl looks at me and decides she must look like that, and goes to throw up in her bathroom, I see no reason I should take responsibility for other peoples actions.

It isn't fair that I have to constantly hear about how there's something wrong with me and that I am the root of all the evil and confident less women. It isn't fair that everyone seems to know, apparently a lot better than i do, that I definitely have some eating disorder.
Instead of being supported by fellow women, I see constant attempts from them to put me down. Why am I being blamed for being born the way I was, and having the brains to take advantage of it.

Please think of this the next time you see some skinny bitch and decide to blame her for the frustration of most of the female population.

Stop hating on fat giraffes

Seriously, if you don't want people to judge you as anorexic because you're thin, don't judge fat women as compulsive fast food eaters because they're fat. Also, even if you're not personally causing eating problems in other women, acting like there isn't any social pressure coming from the fashion industry to look a certain way is naive. Modeling may be a job just like any other, but there is an institutional discrimination (as we see with the Ralph Lauren model featured in the video) that prevents just "anyone" from becoming one.

I am so thankful that Sarah

I am so thankful that Sarah took on that stupid Burger King commercial, because I change the channel whenever its on.
I met Sarah Haskins the day I graduated from college. It was pretty much the best day of my life.
Also, the actress from the cinnamon mint one - what else has she been in?

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