Sarah Haskins Update!

I’ve been craving more Sarah Haskins ever since Target Women ended, and now her new short film “DILF” (mentioned in her January interview with Jezebel) is finally online! Haskins co-wrote and co-stars in “DILF”, which is exactly what you think it is about. Warring roomies, sexy parents, network drama parodies, Tim Daly makeouts and Rashomon-style storytelling abound - watch the movie here!

by Sara Reihani
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Thanks for the Laughs

I can't believe I'd never seen, read or heard Sarah Haskins or "Target Women" before this. Where have I been? I clicked on the link and read the January interview with Jezebel. She's hilarious! Thanks for posting the link to "DILF" so I could watch it.


I have heard of MILF, but not DILF.

Someone had to say it

Do we have to spell it out?

I watched DILF, it was

I watched DILF, it was hilarious!

I actually thought the D stood for daughter untill half way through I was like DUH!!!

Sarah Haskins!!! I was

Sarah Haskins!!! I was worried we wouldn't see any more of her. I loved Target Women, good to see she's still doing great women's comedy. DILF is hilarious!

not women's comedy

Sarah Haskins doesn't do women's comedy. she does comedy. about ridiculous pop-commercial gender stereotypes surrounding women and femininity. it may be Target Women, but it's good, (not-so-)clean fun for everyone, though.


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