Sarah Maple Will Make You Think


A couple posts back I used one of Sarah Maple's photos and I've been itching to do a Sm{art} post on her for a while now.


Maple isn't afraid to be provocative or stir up a bit of controversy now and then. Born to parents of diverse cultural and religious backgrounds (her mother is a Muslim from Kenya and her father is a Christian from the U.K.), much of her work deals with her own identity. From Islam to race to gender and sex, Maple's works touch on everything you aren't supposed to talk about at dinner.


Both a painter and photographer, Maple counts feminism and voyeurism among inspirations according to her site. She often is the subject of her own photos, as in the poster series that follows.





Smart, humorous, expressive, and talented. I'm sold, but not everyone shares my sentiments. Some members of the Muslim community have objected to her work and Sobia at Muslimah Media Watch has a great analysis of Maple's art as it pertains to Islam. Here are a couple of her more controversial paintings for the road...



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Not Surprised

...that the local Muslim group is demanding it be censored; and wouldn't be surprised if they complied. However, I would be disheartened as always. When ideas cannot be tolerated in a society of equals we risk losing everything. I fear losing our ability to express ourselves and our opinions in an ever increasing effort to make sure that no one is offended. We need look no further than the rediculous efforts of the past administration and the laughable attorneys general they brought forth to see how we've been affected. Statues had curtains draped over the breasts, cartoons became felonies, ad nauseam. Likewise social criticisms should not be labeled hate crimes as has become the case in places like Britain and Canada.

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