Save the Shorts

Perhaps my love for the short story is due to my sometimes short attention span, but if you, too, adore them, you should consider subscribing to One Story. A nonprofit literary magazine, they publish one writer's short story every few weeks. That's it—literally one short story per issue in a stand-alone chapbook, a different writer each issue. The companion website includes interviews with writers, short story events, and audio recordings from past readings.

To promote and save this increasingly-overlooked literary art, the folks behind One Story started Save the Short Story. From their manifesto:

[T]oday the habitat of the short story is being encroached. Every year, celebrity biographies, political back stabbers, and sweet books by and about dogs have no trouble finding a home on bookshelves, while short story collections languish in piles on the desks of uninterested publishers and editors. Short stories don't sell. This is hammered into writers from day one, from the moment they hatch from their little writer shells. Meanwhile, the once protected sanctuary of magazines has been cutting fiction to make more room for more advertising and exposes on gastric bypass surgery. WE REFUSE TO LET THIS STAND. It is time to gather forces and save the short story. And in return, the short story will save us.

by Debbie Rasmussen
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