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PoznerJennifer Pozner, founder of Women In Media and News (WIMN), is set to speak at Portland State University this Tuesday February 24. Pozner will present her lecture “Project Brainwash: Why Reality TV Is Bad For Women”. Bitch Co-Founder and Editor Andi Zeisler will introduce Pozner and Bitch is sponsoring the lecture. If attend you should stop at our table and say hello!

Pozner is an vital voice in media literacy and has been published in magazines like Bitch and Bust and appeared as a guest commentator on “The Daily Show With John Stewart” and “The O’Reilly Factor”, among others. She is currently the director of WIMN, which works to integrate women’s voices into media and increase their presence there through analysis, education, outreach and reform.

Read a bit about what Pozner has said in the past about reality TVs effect on women.

At the Huffington Post

At Ms. Magazine

At Reclaim The Media

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Great event

It was a wonderful event tonight, despite a few audio problems.
Thought provoking, educational, I left with many new ideas.

I'd love to see more events like this around campus. I'll unfortunately be missing the gorilla girls.

Ugh. That was not good.

I appear to be the only person really disappointed by last night. The examples were dated, the analysis was dated and the lecture just left me bored. I thought it was condescending, lazy, contrived and completely lacking in any real insight. Also, to the organizers, it's probably best not to talk during the first 15 minutes of the lecture. Seriously ladies, that was out of line. I expect that behavior from 10 year olds in movie theaters not lectures.

And there's really no excuse for not testing all functionality before a presentation. The whole thing was amateur-ish at best.

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