Screw the Rest of the Oscars, Jennifer Lawrence is the Best

Jennifer Lawrence flicking off photographers at the OscarsLast night’s Oscars ceremony was a hostile shitshow. Which is too bad, because if the night wasn’t marred by sexist jokes, all the headlines today should have been about the fabulous Jennifer Lawrence.

She contorted faces into the red carpet cameras, face-planted up the stairs in her tricky couture gown, and confessed that she literally wrecked herself with a shot of swill on an empty stomach before the post-show press question roundup. If you aren’t enamored with Jennifer Lawrence already for her steadfast refusal to take herself seriously under any circumstances, or for her acting chops, you have to concede this: when she used the arm not wrapped around her Oscar statuette to extend a middle finger on her way to the press microphone, she made the Oscars’ tedious and ugly into a platform for how she actually felt.

BOOM. I love her. She might as well have been playing cupid in the Hunger Games, loosing arrows into my heart.

Lawrence has repeatedly addressed the media’s reduction of the healthy female body to skin and bones with the self-effacing and defiant assertions to the mainstream women’s lifestyle magazines. Elle notoriously quoted her in their December cover story, “In Hollywood, I’m obese. I’m considered a fat actress. I’m Val Kilmer in that one picture on the beach.”  

As for the rest of her body, she has quickly accumulated enough physical skill to become a superhuman—without obsessing solely about her body.. In her training for the Hunger Games, she had to learn archery, hand-to-hand combat, and trained without dieting, saying “You can’t work when you’re hungry, you know?” Director David O. Russell mentioned her endurance during her Silver Linings choreography training and and yet she “wants to punch people” who talk about how much they love working out.  

Another big reason to love Lawrence: She takes on great roles. Her characters in Winter’s Bone and the Hunger Games are complex and interesting. In playing the role she won for last night, Tiffany in Silver Linings Playbook, it’s clear she takes her job and her responsibility extremely seriously. Without as smart and compassionate an actress, Tiffany’s role could easily have slipped into being a manic pixie dream girl.

In all honestly, Lawrence is one of those rare people who make it big in Hollywood and who we all still feel like could be the friend we could drive around with on a Friday night, cracking jokes about fitness clubs and wheatgrass addicts.  

So, Jennifer Lawrence, brush off the haters. There are a lot of us who can’t wait to see what you’ll do next. We’ll be your best friend/backup whenever you need it. 

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by Michelle Sinsky
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Brush off the Haters?

I don't think she has any!

haters gonna hate

There are definitely haters. I almost choked on my coffee this morning when I read this bit out of a NYT article:

"Ms. Lawrence tripped on her way to the stage but didn’t make any faux pas in her acceptance speech. She was less guarded on the red carpet, complaining to one interviewer that she was hungry and moaning presciently that the show is too long. With another, she let fly a profanity that ABC barely bleeped in time. It wasn’t the first time she’s flouted awards-show etiquette: At the Golden Globes, she began her acceptance speech by dissing Meryl Streep. (Mr. MacFarlane referred to the gaffe in a joke, saying that he heard Ms. Lawrence say that win or lose, “it’s just an honor that Meryl Streep wasn’t nominated.”) It could be a rebellious streak in her, but mostly it’s a reminder of how young and unworldly some stars are, despite all the coaching, minders and Dior gowns."

Vomit! I love Jlaw and hate the NYT mostly.

The NYT said that this

The NYT said that this morning? Because if they knew anything, they would know that the Meryl Streep "dis" in her Golden Globes speech was a quote from The First Wives Club. It was a joke people. Jennifer Lawrence is awesome.

At the risk of being labeled

At the risk of being labeled a hater it should be pointed out while I think that she's an outstanding actress she's said some really troubling things.On Ellen she joked about her female cat having masculine energy so she named it Chaz Bono.
Then there's her rolling stone interview "The Winter's Bone star, 20, says she spent her childhood riding horses, fishing, and playing sports: field hockey, softball, basketball on the all-boys team. She was nicknamed Nitro.
"I was so dykey," Lawrence says.
There's more but here's the last one: I suggest that in the original comics Mystique was written as a lesbian, to which Lawrence counters, “No! That’s the first time I’ve heard that. She has kids, she has night crawlers, and she sleeps with Magneto!” And then she jokes, “Unless I’m completely wrong, I mean, she is 100 years old, she definitely had time for a lesbian phase.”
Someone who easily and publicly makes trans and lesbian jokes is not someone I feel like I can be friends with tbh.

I agree

and also I see her losing more weight by the minute (don't know how healthy that can be, you know Hollywood, they say I'm against this and still do the opposite), I don't know... I'n in my late 30's and I just see her as this young lady that still needs to do a lot of growing up (typical of any person in her/his early 20's)

How about not worrying about

How about not worrying about her losing weight? Why is that a big deal in the first place? She's taken on some physical roles (Hunger Games for sure, and she was a runner and dancer in Silver Linings Playbook). Based on her prior comments, she's sure as hell not concerned with conforming to Hollywood's "ideal."Also saying she needs to grow up sounds kind of agist to me. Yeah, she's young, but she's a LOT more well-rounded, mature, and well-spoken than her peers her age.

I hope you mean her

I hope you mean her actor-peers? Because otherwise it's a bit pot-calling-the-kettle on the ageist thing!

Why would that matter? When i

Why would that matter? When i was 22 I was mostly concerned with drinking and partying. For 22 she's quite an accomplished actress compared to other actresses in her age range. I don't see how it would be "pot-calling-the-kettle" on the agist thing if otherwise.

I don't really see what's

I don't really see what's mature about making jokes at the expense of lesbians and trans people.

I personally found the

I personally found the "dykey" comment quite funny. The trans* comment smacks of someone who's simply not educated - I've heard worse from people in the LGBTQA community.

So, no, I don't think it's really a big deal. She says things that maybe aren't very PC, but she's never said anything that offends me.

There's a difference between being homophobic or transphobic and simply not being educated. I'd take ignorance over hatred.

Im sorry if someone of you

Im sorry if someone of you will think that im a hater, maeby it is true but will be for a reason, i consider myself a feminist and its the first time that i read this magazine, i learn of it because a petition for the Oscars to change things in favor to women "Letter Telling the Oscars Five Ways They Need to Change" so i believe this site would become one of my favorites, but this article takes of all the credit that you could have won at least for me because Jennifer Lawrence represents exactly what you dont want of the Oscars for a women JL won not because her role where the harder one, not because her performance where the best of all, she won because represent that beauty naive she´s the classic blonde haired woman with "attributes" if you where a real feminist magazine you should talk about why she won if she wasnt the best, so if you really want the Oscars to change you should stop hypocritically ask for a change in an article and later praise the Oscars for an award that represents exactly the opposite of those changes that you suppose to want.

Um... seriously?

Are you seriously saying that Jennifer Lawrence only won because she's blonde and attractive?

"because Jennifer Lawrence represents exactly what you dont want of the Oscars for a women"

So you don't want talented women to win Oscars? I'm unsure of what you mean by this comment.

"JL won not because her role where the harder one, not because her performance where the best of all, she won because represent that beauty naive she´s the classic blonde haired woman with "attributes""

Ok, you might not have liked her in that role, or you might have not liked the movie, but she was damn good in that movie and for you to outright say that she only won because she's blonde is just fucking stupid, to be honest. You have no basis for that whatsoever. Not everyone is going to agree on the winners, but don't be a jerk about it and say that she only won because she's blonde and has "attributes" (whatever the hell that means).

"if you where a real feminist magazine you should talk about why she won if she wasnt the best"

And that's **your opinion** that she wasn't "the best." But her peers obviously thought she was, which is why she won.

All the women who star in

All the women who star in major movies are conventionally beautiful, that's how the gig works. I suppose your theory would explain why the girl from Beasts of the Southern Wild and the woman from Amor lost (I don't dare attempt to spell and have forgotten their names, respectively), but Jessica Chastain? Naomi Watts? Hollywood is packed to the gills with gorgeous blonds, it takes more than that to stand out to the academy and to the rest of us. Also, who're you to decide what "real" feminism is? And based on one short, fluffy article? Seriously?

There's not a single period

There's not a single period in that massive run-on sentence except at the very end. It's very difficult to discern what you're trying to say. She won because she's pretty? I highly doubt that.

So since I'm young, 110 lbs,

So since I'm young, 110 lbs, 5'2'' with DD breasts, legitimately enjoy exercise, and have blond hair I can't be a legitimate feminist, nor can I be successful based on my merit or popularity (in the case of JL)? Just because I have "attributes" I have to settle to be a bimbo blond and not aspire to win Oscars or a Pulitzer?

Get over yourself, you're just as bad as a man telling a woman to conform to his standards of beauty. Just because you have a vagina doesn't mean that you have the right to tell other women what they should look like or how they should act.

Not smitten by Lawrence

First, some commentary (not mine) on Lawrence's presentation:
"jennifer lawrence constructs a public persona based on her ‘awkwardness’, capitalizing on ‘im not like those other girls’ themes and her supposed shyness while appearing completely at home in front of the camera and she is treated like the second coming of our lord and savior jesus fucking christ."

The first few gifs and videos of Lawrence fooling around at the Oscars were cute. Then they started feeling trite and contrived. She seems to be simply another Zooey Deschanel, but with lighter hair. Yes, she's so quirky and unlike other Hollywood actresses, but the “quirky!” and “not like other girls!” definitions are some of the most accidentally misogynistic comments a woman can make -- they suggest that there’s something <em>wrong</em> with all those other girls that renders them inferior and unsuitable for your respect/consideration.

Also, brief note on Silver Linings Playbook as a movie: its depiction of mental illness and its "cure" made me really uncomfortable, since it suggests that mental illness can be cured by falling in love -- and if you lose that love, then another bout of mental illness is your just desserts.
Despite this, Lawrence is a promising actor who has made good career choices so far. I can only wait for "JLaw" mania to dry up or for her to mature into a more activism-based role if she wants to stay in the public eye on renown of being "different."

Not Impressed

Disappointing Bitch... Jennifer Lawrence has said so many homophobic and sexist things I just can't understand why everyone praises her so much, especially feminists, when other women would be castigated for it.

Like another commenter mentioned, she sets herself up as being "not like those other girls". Gag! She okay...but she has not won me over just because she makes a witty comment or two.

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