Sell tickets to sm{art} because we've got art!

Thanks to all of you, we've made our goal of 70 pieces of art for the auction next Saturday (October 25)!

Now, we need folks there to buy the art you all have so generously donated, to drink the beer that Captured by Porches has given and to eat the cupcakes that Portland gem, Saint Cupcake has supplied.

Please help us spread the word! smart flyer

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Can you please provide all of the info to me

I would like to produce an email to send to my friends. I would also like to blog about it. Would you mind including the poster? If you have one that isn't blurry that would be awesome! See you there!

As you are my favorite issue

As you are my favorite issue I would be not even glad, but proud to help you spreading the word about Bitch and especially these beautifully designed tickets.
My sincere congrats to you for the successful campaign! And keep going!
All the mentally strong and hot women are the mega fans of your mag!

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