Sex and the Fat Girl: Ask a Fat Girl #3

Tasha Fierce
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Tasha Fierce is a writer living in the occupied Tongva territory known as Los Angeles. You can follow them on Twitter at @tashajfierce and read more of their work on their website.

Here’s the third installment of the Ask a Fat Girl series! Today we discuss cunnilingus for fat girls, being an “inbetweenie,” lights-on, on-top sex, hourglass figures, fashion rebels, dating people thinner than you and more!

Transcript (PDF)

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Thank you!

I have so enjoyed this series, and thank you for your reply to my question in this installment. I also very much appreciate your words at the end reminding us that it can still be a struggle no matter how positive, full of esteem and FA information we are. I've loved your work at the old Shapely, your previous and new blog. And I hope you don't mind my saying this but you have a wonderful voice!

Skinny boys

Comment about being afraid to break skinny boys made my day! Dated someone significantly lighter than me and there were some unavoidable funny but awkward moments. Just does not work.

Thank you Tasha

You answered my question, thanks! The "bouncing away despite scars and stretchmarks litering (beautifying? maybe one day . . . ) my torso" question.

You said something in another post or maybe a commenter did. When men have a semi- or fully-nude lady raring to go, they're not worried about stretchmarks, fat, etc. They're excited for boobies!

I've always felt torn between knowing men want naked but I don't feel comfortable with my naked. I've always elected for naked with dim lighting or positions that hide what I want to hide, b/c then I don't have to get into the story behind the scars, or feel insecure about the stretchmarks, etc.

Well, thanks Tasha! B/c I can stop those voices in my head, wear whatever lingerie I feel like, and stop fretting what he thinks. He'll be thinking: boobies and sex!

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