Sex and the Fat Girl: Aural Sex

Tasha Fierce
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Tasha Fierce is a writer living in the occupied Tongva territory known as Los Angeles. You can follow them on Twitter at @tashajfierce and read more of their work on their website.

Some of the sexiest, most soulful singers also happen to be fat women. These are the kind of women who can empower you with their voice to embrace sensuality. From a plus size fashion icon to a musical legend, these singers prove that sexiness has nothing to do with size and everything to do with how you work it.


Jill Scott is one of my favorite artists. She sings frankly about sex, relationships, love, and body image, among other things. Her song “Hate On Me” is perfect for those days when you just want to say “FTW” and I don’t mean “for the win.” She’s a talented poet and lyricist, not to mention her powerful voice and amazing range.


Aretha Franklin paved the way for the current fat divas to be unapologetic about their size and in fact has no fear of flaunting what she’s got, whether people like it or not. Her earthy, soulful voice has inspired a generation of soul singers like Mary J. Blige.


Angie Stone has had a public battle with her weight, but her style and confidence haven’t waned throughout. Angie is also a songwriter and was a backup singer for other artists in addition to having a successful solo career. My favorite album of hers is Mahogany Soul.


Adele has an amazing, throaty voice and while I’ve only heard a few of her songs, I’ve loved all of them. She is definitely repping for the fat chicks with her style and attitude.


Beth Ditto is the most visible of the fat divas, at least among most fat white girls into fashion. (Not a knock on her, just that she’s been all over the place lately.) But she is definitely talented and I love her current solo single, “I Wrote The Book.” She is certainly not afraid to take risks with her appearance and style, and gleefully bucks what the fashion world considers sexy by flaunting and celebrating her fat.

If you haven’t already, check out some of the music these women have made. Their confidence and talent might inspire you.

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I usually love the articles Bitch Magazine has to offer. However I have to say I am sadly disappointed in the Sex and The Fat Girl series of articles. I as a so called FAT girl or volumptuous, curvy thick, rotund, rubanesque girl am very proud of who I am and where I am going. Each time I see one of the Sex and The Fat Girl articles, I get excited and thing here is an article that is going to really say something. But no, it seems to fall short and say possibly nothing.


Hi Karen,

It's great that you're proud of yourself and where you're going! I'm a bit confused by your criticism here though—are you saying that the Sex and the Fat Girl posts don't support those feelings? Tasha is very fat-positive and a great writer to boot, so I'm surprised to hear that you are disappointed.


I agree with Karen, but don't blame the authors. The poor research and use of many words to explain nothing is the harm resulting from net addiction as opposed to plain reading!


How could you forget ETTA JAMES?!?!? Come on!!!

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