Sex, Videotape, and Fries

Wow, Burger King has done it. I was sure Carl’s Junior had this in the bag, but no. Burger King has actually succeeded in airing the most sexist fast food commercial of all time. I’m talking, of course, about the ad for BK Burger Shots.

Where do I even begin? Let’s start with the idea that women are so baby-obsessed that they think everything small is a baby. Which leads us to the even weirder idea that when women think they are in the presence of a baby, they make orgasm sounds and want to do whoever is holding said baby/small thing/BK burger shot. But what offends me most is the assumption that hamburgers are so alien to women that they don’t even know you’re supposed to eat them.

Of course, Burger King ads aren’t the only ones that portray women eating fast food as strange or even taboo, and they certainly aren’t the first to sexualize that taboo. Carl’s Junior (runner up) has been fetishizing women’s relationships with burgers for years.

Seriously, if you ever forget why you’re a feminist (or are interested in becoming one), just do a YouTube search for Carl’s Junior commercial. Can we boycott them already? Oh, wait, Carl’s Junior isn’t trying to court female customers anyway. They’re betting that boy money alone is going to keep them in business, maybe because the very thought of a woman eating a hamburger is just so absurd to these people. As a woman who likes hamburgers (yes, even the fast food kind) it pisses me off to see them portrayed as a male food that women only eat as a sexy spectacle.

And really, men should be insulted too. None of the men I know would buy a hamburger just because there was a woman gyrating woman in front of it. So why are ad execs still relying on a premise that insults everyone involved? Is junk food just a sexist industry?

SIGH. PETA, I’m boycotting you too.


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by Juliana Tringali
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BK Burger Shots

Personally, what I gathered from the commercial is that they were likening their new "tiny burgers" to men's balls. To validate: (1) they had two side-by-side in all their small, round splendor; (2) the guy (with the soft, adolescent, cracking voice) said "he'd just gotten them"; (3) he encouraged the girls to squeeze them.

I will, of course, never be able to eat one of BK's Burger Shots now due to the unfortunate fact that I will always think of them as... balls in my mouth.

My bad.


I didn't think of that, but it totally makes sense!

OMGoddess...Jessica, that's

OMGoddess...Jessica, that's brilliant and pretty spot on I think--I missed the balls analogy as I was too busy being disgusted with that whole commercial. :-p Horrid and insulting. Yes, swarms of stereotypically pretty dumb girls shall flock to your tiny little burgers if you buy this crap!

Hmm..does this seem familiar? Can you say AXE? Wow, just look at some of their ads--loads of bikini clad supermodels running on a beach in slow motion after some average-unattractive looking dude (hey-like those knobs in the BK ad!!) because he sprays AXE in a downward motion on his chest.
I know the ad is on youtube somewhere-I first saw it when people called Dove out for being a division of the same company (Unilever) as AXE after their "Real Beauty" campaign became huge.

Yeah, it's the same old game to sell the boys on the burgers-equating sex as per usual with meat is the ad campaign's whole offering. Whatever brings the bigbucks in must be worth offending women to these tools.

I never liked BK much anyways so they can kiss my ass and my business goodbye!! ;)

BK Commercial

I never had the tendency to go to Burger King and order their whoppers and of course their new "tiny burgers". But with the absurdity of women just coddling over hamburgers on that commercial, it doesn't seem tasteful at all. The fact that women are just on these commercials, not to eat the hamburgers or anything, but to make gestures over two "tiny burgers" that the man is holding is just preposterous. Why must these fast food restaurant commercials be more degrading to women?

I am not a fan of PETA, but

I am not a fan of PETA, but notice that their ad is banned for some reason, while many other 'sexy' ads flood our tvs. I guess sex only is allowed to sell corporate messages. It is really unfortunate that PETA takes these tactics, as the message of being compassionate to animals and thinking about the ramifications of our daily decisions is one I think many feminists would otherwise support. When will they realize they are doing more harm than good?

Totally Agree

I totally agree with you. I am a vegan and I can't stand PETA. Sure they do their part by converting people into vegans with their hideous but honest slaughter videos and by spreading awareness at events, but they have gone way too corperate. I also hate how they believe that half naked women are going to convert others into veganism...someone explain THAT ONE to me.

Comparing this to babies?

What offends ME most is how the F*** are ground up butchered and slaughtered cows cute!? Want to talk about comparing that shit to babies? Lets grind up a baby and let women orgasm over THAT! I can't believe the way that women are portrayed in advertisements these days. The worst so far I think is that mcdonald's ad where the women are sitting in the coffee shop and ripping their intellect to shreds. They begin exchanging facts about how they really don't speak French or like what they are saying is all women are intellectual posers!

sex sells

I understand that the basic message of advertising is "Buying our product will get you laid," and that's fine. I can see how that would work for clothing, cars, beer, and even toothpaste. But I don't think that anyone will <i>ever</i> be tricked into thinking, even on a subconscious level, that fast food will make them more sexually attractive.

Stick with the basics. Fast food has two essential selling points, and they will always be true:

1) It's fast.

2) It's delicious.

No need to get complicated.

No need to get complicated?

There is a need to get complicated! If no one ever used their brain and analyzed their culture then there could be serious consequences! Women might only care about their physically attractiveness and stop creating an learning because they are constantly bombarded with images that tell them their appearance is the extent of their value. Women could even develop eating disorders and they might stop playing sports and acting assertive because they were afraid of acting like men and being categorized as a bitch! No need to get complicated? Without active culture analysis there could end up being a huge power imbalance between men and women.

OH WAIT, that has already happened, and there is this new theory called "feminism" that allows people who think that sexism is wrong to band together and use their brains to make the world a better place for women.

In some sense, everything that we see that people make (this commercial included) is a reflection of societal values, or at least the way powerful corporations and ad agencies perceive our culture. It is actually very important!!!

Was I being obscure?

I think maybe I wasn't being clear. All that I was saying is thatin this case, by falling back on the tired tactic of "Women are the object reward for buying our product," the advertisers are doing themselves a disservice. People might believe that about shampoo or body spray, but no one's going to believe it about mini-whoppers, or whatever. They'd be better served by going with, "Burger King is fast food, and you like fast food."

I was saying absolutely nothing at all about cultural analysis or feminism. I would have thought that the fact that I regularly visit and comment at this site would make it clear that I'm pro-those things.

Now that you mention it...

This does make me curious why Burger King is so aggressively marketing these tiny testicle-like burgers to young men. The breakfast sandwich equivalent bk burger shots ad features a little person dressed up as a farmer, who knows about little things...because he's a farmer - ba dump dump ching! Equally douchebag-ish humor. Other fast food joints have started featuring smaller portioned items or snackable items on their menus. These generally seem marketed to a person on the go, which seems like a broader audience. Mini burgers seem like they could fit into that category. Why not go for that?
BK has spent a lot of money trying to convince men that giant burgers with lots of toppings were the way to go. Now, they're trying to sell men the exact opposite using the same techniques of humor and sex. I'll be curious to see how the boys react.


I think this is one of those WTF?! moments. I don't even know what to say, these were so ridiculous.

And you know, until now I never really noticed the lack of women actually eating the food in the fast food commercials. So thanks for that.

And I definitely don't make orgasm sounds when I see babies/small things. I squeal and want to hug small things like kitties and pugs, but not children. Sometimes, but not often. And if this video is true, why don't more women make orgasm sounds when they see small penises?

Not squeal-worthy

Not for this ad in particular, but I sometimes feel like they're saying smaller burgers are needed for women, who couldn't possibly eat an entire Big Mac because they have such tiny appetites. Closing your eyes and just listening to some commercials makes them really ridiculous with all the sex sounds.


I don't have anything to add to this excellent discussion except to say THANK YOU for noticing and pointing out this f*cking ridiculousness! Every time this commercial comes on I grab the remote and change it and then huff and puff in anger for another 10 minutes. It's so good to know that I'm not the only rage-filled feminist boycotting these damn 'burgers' (and possibly Burger King entirely).

Again, thanks for being such smart Bitches :)

Pretty sure the BK execs

Pretty sure the BK execs aren't that smart, that's a bit of a stretch for the imagination.

oh, wow.

I just threw up in my mouth a little. SICK! So glad I don't have TV.

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