Sexual Inadequacy: By Blood or Marriage

From our “Why? Because I Can!” Department we have the story of William Flowers, a Houston man who has been legally enjoined from leaving his children alone with his husband, Jim Evans, or any man the children aren’t related to by blood or adoption. This is often a necessity when abuse has been alleged to put the safety of the children first, which the divorce courts always claim they are so concerned about, but no abuse has been alleged in this case. The order was issued in June and picked up by “Partisan Gridlock,” a blog on the Houston Chronicle’s website.

Essentially this judge, the dishonorable Charley E. Prine Jr. of Harris County, has decided that even though there is no evidence to suggest that a gay man is even statistically AS likely to molest a child, that Flowers cannot trust Evans to watch the children while he does anything. No grocery shopping, no quick run to the store, no day home sick from school. This is the undue burden that is put on queer parents, to be trapped in a situation where another human being’s bigotry and ignorance is much more powerful than your life or the quality thereof. The law also allows the children to be left with persons related to their father by blood or marriage, but since Texas does not recognize Flowers and Evans’ marriage, Prine has the power to bully them and rain down animus upon a group of people he doesn’t like, at the same time assuring himself a long and happy career in Texas. Meanwhile, we have a little soft shoe from Jennifer Broussard, the lawyer for the man’s ex-wife:

“In this case, she said, it was appropriate to enter the injunction whether William’s new spouse’s name ‘was Jim or Jane.’ Though she said that in her more than two decades of practice she had seen such orders many times, she said finding specific examples would ‘take hours’ and declined to do so.”

Yes, I remember that movie. Dad marries Mom, has kids, decides to run off to Malibu with another woman and get hitched, but every time they visit he can’t leave his children alone with the lady he’s married to because straight women are such ferocious predators. Yes, I remember that story quite clearly. That was so sad that those children couldn’t develop a separate relationship with their stepparent that would allow them to feel as if they had a support network wherever they were but you know in the perfect vacuum that is “Everything Charley E. Prine Knows Or Cares To Know About the Lives of Queer People” we don’t allow facts or evidence or any testimony related to what a PAIN IN THE ASS it is to raise children like that.

Nope. Because he’s the judge, he makes the decisions. And if you want to call his bluff you have to pony up thousands of dollars for an appeal. Complete. & Utter. Bullshit.

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So where can I donate to his

So where can I donate to his legal defense fund? And if he doesn't have one, why? Where is the queer community on this? Just curious.

Might I suggest a Douchebag

Might I suggest a Douchebag Decree for that judge? I think he is highly deserving of one.

Could we get an actual

Could we get an actual Douchebag Decree plaque or trophy or certificate or something? 'Cause I'd totally be willing to run it down to Houston and present it to him in person.

Do the same to the mom.

<p>Does the same injunction hold for mom and any man she brings around the children? Is it alright if mom should have a female lover to have the children around her? Does this apply to any men at all including teachers and doctors? Or only men dad knows? The injunction makes not sense on to many levels not just from a bigoted point of view. Are the children to fear all men out side of the family? Also has any one taken into account that most sexual abuse is cause by straight-male-family members?</p>

I wonder

So I wonder if the children can be left with teenage girl as a babysitter? I mean if the important thing is that they are never left with anyone who isn't related.

What's that? Only people from groups the judge doesn't like are affected? And here I thought justice was blind...


Would you mind clarifying the terms of this court order? I'm so confused. Was this something that was requested by the children's biological mother, or is this the product of a disagreement between the two husbands?

Isn't that illegal? the judge

Isn't that illegal? the judge has to be unbiased and treat everyone with equality. There's no proof that support his statements but he can get away with it? Because he's a judge? I call bullshit. Screw a douche bag award, let's remove this guy's law license. why isn't anyone doing anything to get bigoted asses like this out of court rooms? I don't care if it's for the gays or blacks or woman, anyone who shows this kind of self-desired law making shouldn't have that kind of power because that's not what our country stands for. Justice for all my ass.

great movie! I like it!

great movie! I like it!

No marriage = No stepparent

If they're not married in Texas then there's no stepparent relationship. So the correct analogy would be the a judge telling a man he can't leave his children in the care of his girlfriend without their mother's permission. Not a judge telling a man he can't leave his children with their stepmother.

There's rightfully a big difference between how the courts view a married couple and an unmarried couple.

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