Sexy kids' toys go to the dogs.

I know it might make me sound like a crotchety old lady, but the toys being made for kids these days give me the creeps. From Bratz dolls to this Peekaboo poledancing kit, toys marketed to young girls in particular seem to be taking a turn toward the sleazy. What ever happened to the halcyon days of furry, nonsexual stuffed animals?

Those days are over. Apparently, the stuffed animals of yesterday just aren’t sexy enough for today’s smokin’ hot youngsters. Enter Tini Puppini. These tiny stuffed dogs are, according to the products’ website, “the most popular pups in town.” They wear shoes, clothes, and makeup. They love shopping and gossip. They hang out in all of the hippest spots, from nightclubs to spas. And, each of the three pups has her own unique personality! Here they are:

Tini Puppini

Tisha (far left). Tisha is the self-proclaimed “girlie-girl” of the Puppini bunch. She has beautiful long hair, a sparkly tiara, and silver puppy “bling” to wear when she goes out on the town. Tisha is shown in front of the Eiffel Tower, so we can only assume she is a world traveler. I just hope those patent leather shoes don’t get scuffed while she is strolling on the Champs.

Toffee (center). Toffee is the Hollywood trendsetter puppy. That is why she is wearing jeans and a headband, obviously. Toffee’s also the “cutting edge” puppy, so it is no wonder we see her here with bright red highlights. Such a rebel. She has a poseable body so that she can “strike a pose” for whatever paparazzi (puparazzi?) she may encounter whilst shopping on Rodeo Drive.

Tutu (far right). Tutu is the party girl of the Puppinis. She has “funky” hair and is a self-described “free spirit.” She is shown in a nightclub on the website, because Tutu loves to go out on the town. I wonder if this artsy puppy designed her own party boots and hoop earrings? Probably!

The Puppini empire does not end here. Visitors to the website (presumably young girls, judging by the pink, purple, and constant references to girls’ nights out) are encouraged to buy carrying cases for their puppies, and to dress them up in black lace bodices and heavy makeup. And if you watch the commercial for these spoiled pups, you will hear them say things like, “I love my tail in these jeans!” Because that’s right, dogs should start worrying about how their asses look in jeans. Check it:

So what do you think about all of this? Have we sexualized young girls and their toys to the saturation point, and now we must dress our stuffed dogs like sex objects? Or are these just harmless stuffed animals with some sparkly accessories? Also, can you think up any additional Puppinis that should be added to the list? Weigh in with your thoughts!

by Kelsey Wallace
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Kelsey Wallace is an editor in Portland, Oregon. Follow her on Twitter if you like TV and pictures of dogs.

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These toys look strange with

These toys look strange with their bums up in the air.

*blink* *blink* ...PLEASE

*blink* *blink*

...PLEASE tell me that is some sort of horrible joke. WTF were these people on when they came up with this?!? Who sat down one day and thought, "Hooker dogs! THE new toy of the season!"?

<i>And if you watch the commercial for these spoiled pups, you will hear them say things like, "I love my tail in these jeans!" </i> DON'T WEAR JEANS! Seriously, this is beyond sick. The whole Bratz thing was bad enough, but this is wrong on so many levels.

And it doesn't help that those toys are fugly.


wow, those things scare me

A side note: I don't think that pole dancing kit is marketed towards younger girls. sure, the girl on the front looks young, but it's sold in Spencer's Gifts, I doubt one sees that box in Toy's R Us and I don't think most mothers would give that to their children (or hear a plea for it from their children).

As for <b>sexuality</b> of children? I don't know if that's the problem so much as the <b>objectification</b> of women (and these young girls). Bratz dolls are a fine examples. They give girls this disrespectful, unattainable view of a "cool girl". This is taken right from the new "gangster" imagery that's being spoon fed to children from the media. (boy how conspiracy theorist do I sound?)

In my mind it is not the sexuality that is the problem; children DO become sexual, regardless of these types of toys (It's normal for children to become sexual even at an "early age", if you've read <i>Summerhill</i>, or any book by Neill you'll know what I mean). It's how they're coming into viewing this sexuality that can be a problem. Bratz dolls are (to me) telling young girls that if you just put on more make up and take off your clothes boys will desire you more, you will have more friends. That's not the image girls need, they don't need to be more self conscious. They don't need to be told how to dress/look/behave sexually, or what they like, by parents OR their toys.
But, as they say... "<i>sex sells</i>"

<b>And</b>, I'm rambling. I'm not sure I got my point across quite right... whatever


I passed this link along after seeing it on The Soup, of all places. I thought it was a fake. I thought it was a parody, too extreme to be true. I googled. I was wrong. Instead, I got the WTF of the month - they are real.

I recalled the discussion in an earlier Bitch about My Little Pony - the new slightly more extreme version - bodies in different positions, more makeup, more "girly" and arguably "sexy." Over the top? There were arguments for both side. Tini Puppini? I'm not so sure.

Bratz, Dog Edition. I'm not sure if I should be happy that it's not little girls we're sexualizing or objectifying, or if I should be disturbed that we're sexualizing/objectifying the dogs they play with as toys, exposing them to that nonsense even more (and even younger?).

I guess we had the "Chipettes" (the girl equivalent to the Chipmunks), which I imagine had associated dolls and definitely albums of their own, but were they sexualized? They were certainly "girly girls", but they were meant to counter each of the chipmunks - slightly nerdy, super outgoing, and cute (but stupid? :P) - stereotypes in and of themselves, I suppose. Rainbow Brite had her horse, whose name I can't remember, but was also "pretty". The Care Bears were gendered, but I don't remember them being sexualized.

Anyway... wow.

wow, it's like this weird

wow, it's like this weird fantasy-that-you're-paris-hilton-with-the-little-dog except you are also fantasizing that the dog -is- paris hilton or that the dog is your bff and your bff is totally like paris hilton.

Between 21 and 23 seconds

Between 21 and 23 seconds does it actually say "you're such a ho"? That's what it sounds like to me, and that is probably the biggest issue I have with the video that hasn't already been mentioned. Yeesh.

Yeah, I heard it too. This

Yeah, I heard it too.
This is disturbing.

That's not what it says

Toffee says "You're such a howl!" not ho

Whats with this?

I am a 15 year-old girl and I absolutly HATE these skanky little dogs. I used to play with Barbie and thought that they were a little disproportioned(how ever you spell it). But whe I look at these puppnies w/e or Bratz I think why the He** would we want to give children these?!?! When it comes to my sister I don't like her having "Fake" dolls and stuffed animals. I do not believe that they should put so much sexual content in little kid TOYS! I Mean honestly would you want your kid to dress like THAT! I know some10 year old little girls that wear TONS of make up and looklike little Ho's. if only we could explain to littlekids that they can't be like Paris Freaking Hilton and the other Wh*re celberties. I have never been fond of celberties because of how they acted and I want my sister to be the same way. When I first saw this commercial and heard "oh you're such a ho" I showed it to my mom and she believes that it says "howl" but I know what it says and I don't think this is a very good childrens toy. really I wanna know when these stupid people in america will REALIZE that all these toys are just telling your kids to be WHORES! I hope that I didn't stur up trouble with this comment but this crap is all true. Thank you for reading~

and I thought "Bratz" dolls ...

... were as worse as they got.

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it whenever Jay Leno points out pictures of dogs and other animals wearing clothes on his show and says it's more than just ridiculous. So wrong, wrong, wrong to me, too. Respect animals by not clothing them AT ALL. Their Own Fur (and even in a few cases non-fur) is the ONLY clothing they will ever need.

To: and I thought "Bratz dolls...."

To Anonymous who said....

"I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it whenever Jay Leno points out pictures of dogs and other animals wearing clothes on his show and says it's more than just ridiculous. So wrong, wrong, wrong to me, too. Respect animals by not clothing them AT ALL. Their Own Fur (and even in a few cases non-fur) is the ONLY clothing they will ever need."

You are correct that "REAL" animals shouldn't be clothed. As much as I think these toys are disgusting, I think you're missing the point. It's not about animals dressed in clothing and respect for animals, but about the sexual nature of toys that are being offered to our children.

I love these little toys. I

I love these little toys. I think they're so cute. You guys totally got the wrong idea. They are deffiniatly DOGGIE DIVAS. And Toffees' tail does look cute in those jeans.

Children and sex

Perhaps the question to ask, considering how well these childrens toys sell is: What is the appeal of them?

In our society, people believe that the two-person long-term sexual partnership is the highest form of intimacy. Whether hetrosexual or homosexual, people believe believe that two people getting together for the long run is the highest form of intimacy. Because this long-term relationship is sexual in nature (involves sex during the relationship) there will be a certain component of looks involved. Even if one cares about their partner's personality, looks will still matter to some extent because sex is a biological reproductive function and we are biologically attracted to certain looks by nature. Looks might play a small part, but they will still play some part.

So children who can be more attractive are getting a leg-up in the relationship race over others who are less attractive. Kids are not stupid, they know that being more attractive will help them somewhat in the long run, and that those looks have something to do with sex. So perhaps that's the appeal of these toys? Children are simply practicing for the adult world in the same way that they do when they want to learn to cook or get dressed. They are practicing to live in our world, the way adults live it -and we live it claiming that a long term sexual partnership is the highest form of intimacy. We are not forcing this world upon children, they simply want to live it because it's what we live. Most adults though, deny like hell that this is the type of world they live in.

Multiple posts below

Jesus dammit! How many times did I have to post the bloody thing. My apologies for the multiple posts below, I'm on a lousy dial-up connection on a very narrow-band and it rarely works properly.

Sexy images for young girls

Here's another possibility: Young girls are attracted (perhaps sexually in some sense) to images like these.

Look at the Spice Girls in the past. Mel C was the most popular girl in that group. When I was young, I used to love her too. I loved her super-skinny sporty body and mid-riff bearing clothes. This wasn't because I thought I'd be sexy if I looked like that (men didn't find Mel C sexy, they hated her tattoos and nose-ring) but because I thought she was cool. Maybe young girls like looking at other girls tummies or skin?

All over the world, women have decorated, scarred, pierced and clothed themselves. Maybe we enjoy it? When I was a bit younger, I also used to like Paris Hilton's image. I didn't want to be her, I just liked her crazy clothes and I liked her super-skinny body. Maybe the skinny model and celebrities which we are so fascinated with are because we find them attractive to us and we would like to have the power over others which they have over us? Maybe some women like skinny other women because they look like we could get some sexual pleasure out of them?

Just a thought, could be wrong.

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