Sexy Spring

Heads-up that the dates for the sixth annual Sexy Spring conference have been announced. Mark your calendars for June 5th to June 7th and make your way to Minneapolis for this radical, sex/body positive, sex education skill-share and conference.

Sexy Spring is focused on exploring the ways sex, sexuality, relationships, our bodies, and our choices affect our lives. It's a weekend full of workshops, discussions, play, demonstrations, crafting, art shows, communal meals, telling stories, and sex/body performances and dancing.

Some of the topics on last year's agenda (which will likely be similar for this year's conference):

* Trans-positivity
* STI risk assessment
* How to top
* Redefining heterosexuality
* DIY reproductive health
* Body positive art show
* Kink 101
* Polyamory
* Herbalism
* Sex/body positive parenting
* Sexy performance art
* Negotiating sex and relationships
* Resisting/preventing/coping with sexual violence
* DIY sex toys
* Creating radical porn
* Sex workers' support group
* Erotic writing
* Performance and play

The event is free. Donations are encouraged and very much needed, so if you're able to, please donate. But no one will be turned away for lack of funds.

Has anyone out there gone? We'd love to hear all about it.

by Debbie Rasmussen
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Sexy Spring 6

Thanks Debbie for the love!

For those who have never been to Sexy Spring, days are filled with workshops on a wide variety of topics relating to the human sexual experience. Our skillshares are intended to be "facilitated," not "presented" so that everyone can have a chance to share their experiences and fully participate if they want, rather than being "lectured" to. We strive to create a warm, open and safer space to help participants feel comfortable. We even serve free (veg*n friendly) food! We are planning on at least having a dance party one of the nights and hopefully another cabaret with fun, sexy, local performers.

Sexy Spring 6 is still in the planning stages and looking for workshops - without you, there can be no Sexy Spring! Check out the <a href=">workshop page</a> for more info on how to be a part of Sexy Spring. If you don't want to do a skillshare, we're always looking for volunteers. Join the <ahref=">mailing list</a> to stay informed about volunteer opportunities and event details.

We hope to see new faces and old alike this year!

Sounds like a great conference.

But I guess I'm not familiar with the term "radical porn". I need to look that one up.


Thanks for the article! I do appreciate this conference, because it's an excellent way for all to continue the sex education: for the young, the old and the kinky.

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