Shit Girls Say: I Seriously Don't Get It

screen shot from Shit Girls Say: Guy in a wig holding a drinkHelp me out here, blogosphere. The Internet (OK, my tiny corner of it) has been blowing up since yesterday with people LOLing at this Shit Girls Say video (inspired by this Twitter account) created by Graydon Sheppard and his boyfriend, Kyle Humphrey. The video is just a dude (Sheppard) wearing a wig saying things like “Can you read this and see if it makes sense?” and “I know, right?” while he does regular things like get a drink at a bar, try on clothes, or work at a computer. I figured before watching—based on the name and the nature of the buzz surrounding it—that I’d be put off by the project, but honestly that’s not it. I seriously just DO NOT GET IT AT ALL. Are we laughing because it’s a guy in a wig? (Hey wig guy, Thunderant called and they want their whole deal back.) Have we lowered the bar to the point where rummaging through a purse equals comedy gold? Am I just too girly to find this funny? (Note: I don’t think I’m generally too girly to find things funny.)

What’s wrong with my sense of humor computer?

Now to be fair, I am female and I certainly have said a bunch of the stuff in the video. But, hasn’t EVERYONE said a bunch of the stuff in that video? It feels so tired and unfunny to me. Like, how is trying to remember your password a clever burn on girls? How is asking for a blanket in a high-pitched voice a super harsh zing for womankind?

Of course, from a feminist perspective, there’s the “making fun of girls is sooo hilarious” aspect of this project too. (Note that the creators say “girls” and not “women” even though they’re clearly talking about adults.) If it were done in a clever, send-uppy kind of way I don’t think it would need to be offensive at all, but since so many of these jokes just DON’T MAKE SENSE (at least to me), the whole thing hinges on making fun of girls in general, like “hahaha GIRLS!” is the entire point. Is that the point? Is asking the point of something just more shit girls say? (*crunches chips loudly, becomes Internet meme*)

Further reading: Introducing Shit Girls Say by Courtney Fuller (BUST), Shit Girls Say, Now In Video Form by Dodai Stewart (Jezebel)

by Kelsey Wallace
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What... is this?? I hadn't

What... is this??

I hadn't seen this until right now. Why is this funny? Apparently now asking for things has become feminized or is it just asking for help? I'm pretty sure most grown women don't jumped and yelp excitedly when hugging their friends... so many dumb and unfunny things going on...


Anonymous input SHUT UP.

*looks over Kelsey's shoulder*

"heh. 'what's my password' yeah that's totally something they say."

Okay so I think they are sort of just going with the whole Thunderant/Portlandia humor, just beating to death these phrases a certain American demographic (white, urban, bougie) tends to say (like the Portlandia sketch about "Did you read that thing in Harpers?") But here I do think part of its "popularity" and "hilarity" does have to do with it being specifically about "girls," because...women are a fun and easy target!

"Shit Girl"

It is not a masterpiece at all, even from my POV, and I am usually desperate for a joke.
I am not really a feminist (which is something I would like to change, I should DO more), I am a part of the minority that does not like affected behaviour, I think you call it chichi in your language. It suggersts helplessness, lack of intellect and rationality etc blabla you know the deal, just look at a random ditz. I do not like it on women, I do not like it on men. I'd rather see a video that makes fun of women who cultivate the "squeaky cute girl voice" and who seem to be anywhere. Especially the ones in the media.

"A fun and easy target?" relax.

If you don't tease your friends for silly, menial things that they do over and over, again, then perhaps you have no friends.

This video is not demeaning "girls," or making women an easy target.

It's simple things that "girls" say, from the viewpoint of two guys. And it's funny because most "girls" from this demographic do those things, and find the (proverbially) "calling out," to be spot on and funny.

I know I do most of the things depicted in the video -- and not purposely -- but it's funny to see that someone I've never met before has noticed that not just myself - but clearly enough other women do it that it justifies a video about it.

Listen, at the end of the day, if Juliette Lewis thinks it's appropriate fodder, then I happen to believe it was meant just the way you call out your friend Clara for repeating her grocery list to herself all the way to store instead of writing it down.

Now that it's satirical, and people are made to note it, maybe some women will stop screeching like howler monkeys when they see each other. I know I would appreciate it.

You are incorrect - feminism and racism are not equal.

Just like feminism isn't about equality, it's about the analysis and amendment of a complex system that shapes lives with very real and often damaging consequences.

YOU stop throwing around the word feminism like you understand it, because its opinions like yours that shame women into saying, "I'm not a Feminist, but .... (very feminist statement)."

That was my thought process

That was my thought process too

Women and Easy

Yes they are. lol

Yeah, I don't get it, either

Yeah, I don't get it, either so you're not alone.

as a fellow adult "girl" I

as a fellow adult "girl" I too have to say, I don't get it. it's not funny but it doesn't really offend me. it's just like YAWN. So sorry, I can't help you.

The ladies at HelloGiggles might have an answer

The ladies who left comments on this HelloGiggles post seem to think it's pretty funny.
Maybe you can start a conversation with them. There are a lot of things I like about, but sometimes they post some pretty stupid or mildly offensive stuff. I wish they would get a Feminist editor!

I haven't watched the video, but it sounds pretty ridiculous. Thanks for posting about it!

Girl Talk

I thought I would find this annoying and offensive, but it's really not as bad as you may think. In fact, my very own virile boyfriend has said virtually every one of these comments to me, except for maybe "Shut UP!" and squealing when he sees his friend in a bar. We ALL ask for our password, and to have an email heard again - and computer-savvy-ness is really non-gender specific. So, I think it's kind of funny - and maybe that's because on the flip side of sexism - I LIKE guys in drag and I always love Juliette Lewis.

I think that's why I find it

I think that's why I find it offensive. Because we ALL have done does things, men and women, yet somehow the humor is in mocking women.

Is it less funny if they had dressed as the men that they are and said the same things in their regular voice? If not, then why stereotype these sayings and behaviors as female? If it would indeed be less funny, then part of the humor is in mocking women.

Would you be offended if it

Would you be offended if it were butch lesbians dressed as men saying these things? It's funny in the same way those old Special K ads were. By virtue of what is said we disassociate the fact that it's a MAN in a WIG saying those things, through his mannerisms and the things he says he becomes female, a GIRL. In the same way that Kyle Sulivan's character Kelly is a man, yet because of her mannerisms, dress, and attitude, we associate her gender with female, and accept her as such. Shit Girls Say is not only unoffensive, it's smart, standing up for women, and gay men, and mtf transgenders.

thank god! i don't get it

thank god! i don't get it either.

at first i thought i was watching a preview of something else, and then i couldn't find what it was supposed to be a preview of. then i just settled on the idea that it was the kind of thing that only native english speakers (which i'm not) will find funny. apparently not!

I don't get it either.

I don't get it either. *confused face*

I don't think it's supposed

I don't think it's supposed to be about 'burn' or 'zingers' or derogatory at all. That it's a man in a wig and not just a woman plays up the idea that this is parody, not serious gender critique. True, perpetuating stereotypes (even through comedy) can lead people (sometimes those who see themselves negatively depicted in the stereotype, sometimes those who think they *should* act the way the stereotype suggests, but don't) to feel belittled. This video, though, is ridiculous enough that for the women who see a caricature of themselves in it, the familiarity is hilarious (who doesn't love a good impression of themselves?), but for those whose actions don't fit the female stereotype found here, there's no shame in saying, 'ha, no way, not me!'.

That's exactly what I

That's exactly what I thought. Thank you.

Who Runs the World?

Yeah, I think this is pretty harmless fun. The joke is just juxatoposition of a bunch of examples of girlspeak and actions that while not always exactly feminine are unquestionably girly.

Sometimes I really hates how much my fellow feminists rip on the word "girl." I'm 21-years-old, I'm a girl and I'm proud of it, dammit!

The problem with "girl"

I think some women have a problem with the term "girl" because it is rather patronizing in that it implies a naivete and childishness that isn't applied to men. Grown men aren't called "boys"--if anything, they're referenced as "guys," which doesn't have the childish connotation "girls" does. Being on the edge of the south, I hear "gals" a lot, and I have yet to decide whether that's better or not than the more childish term.

Incidentally, I also know numerous women who don't care much for the male-centered term "guys" in reference to a mixed group of people (or a group of women) due to the patriarchal nature of the term, either.

I get both issues, actually, though I don't tend to get offended by them overall. As a writer, though, I completely understand the need to control language and the power that language can have over someone's perception of a person. A "girl" is more powerless, in need of aid. A "woman" is much more mature, less likely to need paternalistic aid.

Does that make more sense?

Brilliantly said. I agree.

Brilliantly said. I agree. thanks.

Hi! I watched this, and I did

I watched this, and I did find it funny, sort of. I tried to figure out why.
I am a feminist and male, and I have experience of living together with the typical girlie-girl type that is portrayed here. I think the best way to describe why this video is considered funny is that a typical straight male would never do or say these things, never handle any situation in these ways. Let's queer it: a woman, dressed as a dudey-dude says a lot of typical "dude" things (like "dude", incidentally). That would be sort of the same amount of funny.
From a feminist perspective, that comparison can't really be made, but then again I think it's mostly non-feminists who find this video hilarious enough to send it around anyway.

Hey now!

I say "dude" all the time! In the 80s sense of the word, of course.

"Dude, that was an AMAZING movie!" ;)

I'm a feminist

...and I found this video funny. I also do a lot of those things. I also pride myself in being "girly" -- I'm also a firefighter. so you go figure that out.

A man in a wig can be funny.

A man in a wig can be funny. But this video just is not creative enough to be funny. Some women AND men do all of these things. So it's more a comment on human nature, but still, not funny.
I don't think it's worth calling out shit like this as sexist. Go look at all the videos on college humor and then get back to us.


The reason so many people have a proclivity to either be confused by this or to find this sexist is because, first of all, these terms and actions aren't unique to women, and the person involved is assuming they are, and the fact that most of these things he attributes to women just make our gender look stupid.

"HAHA! She can't fix a computer!" :P

As someone WAY more computer savvy than my husband (and most men I know, in fact), I find that type of stereotyping rather annoying. Not annoying enough to be fully offensive, but more in a "what the hell!?" sort of way.

I also pity this guy if this typifies the women he knows. He needs new friends.

what is amusing (not funny,

what is amusing (not funny, just amusing) about the video is not that it's "shit girls say" but the way it's edited. i like the editing, but the idea could be executed in a better way. hell, they could change the title and it would probably all good. well, that and let a woman be the comic rather than a man pretending to be a woman.

Remindes me of Monty Python

Seems very British to me, I've seen Hugh Laurie do something very similar on "A bit of Fry and Laurie" and that was like 30yrs ago. As someone else said its parody not meant to be offensive just observation and then exaggerated. Personally I found it very funny, but that might be my british sense of humor


But with Monty Python, the men-playing-women was only PART of the joke. They never just had one Python dressed as a woman and doing hilariously 'girly' things - they always played characters, and they were part of the humour of the sketch, not the butt of the joke. So...comparing this to Monty Python is so wrooooooong, mate!


I appreciate your opinion on the matter, however, I wasn't comparing it to Monty Python I said it the overall trope reminded me of it. I was, however, comparing it to some of the stuff "A bit of Fry and Laurie" have done.

Also, why wasn't this "girl" a character? Seems just as well rounded a character as some of the skits I've seen

Yeah, but the skit you linked

Yeah, but the skit you linked was actually funny, since his portrayal of the girl/woman character was juxtaposing the "proper" feminine appearance with dialogue that wasn't very proper by the same stereotypical standards (in this case, pouring yogurt all over a bird to get it to shut up, telling a man he has a small penis). The incongruity between appearance and content is what makes it funny and I chuckled.

However, I'm one of those people who doesn't get what could be funny about "Shit Girls Say" because there's no juxtaposition, even with a man in drag. What he says is neither gendered nor rude nor... anything special, really. I guess it falls in the same category as Hugh Laurie's stuff, but I find it categorically unfunny.

It was funny.

I consider myself a fairly radical feminist (I cringe every time I have to say, type or hear the word "woman" as it makes me want to refer to all men as "offgirls") BUT ... That was funny. I think that is a commentary on a particular flavor of self-absorption that some *cringe* women display.

Why do we care if you remembered to lock your door? Why would we know what your password is? Don't you feel a little dumb having to ask someone to help you operate your own computer? Why do you feel like the ENTIRE room needs to know how happy you are to be hanging out with your friend? Why can't you take a minute and do your OWN favor? No... YOU listen.

I'm not suggesting that *cringe* women should try to adopt the taciturn stoicism popular among some me but perhaps some *cringe* women should take a note and recognize that their sleeping habits are not the center of everyone else's attention.

I thought it was funny too!

I also consider myself a radical feminist, but this video cracked me up. I lived with 2 sorority girls one year (whom I love) and the inflection is what makes this funny for me because it sounds exactly like them.

It's along the lines of the comments I make on girlculture where we (me included) will actively not like someone, but still call them a friend. This is a dynamic that I think is generally female. Not all women do it, but it is not something I see with (straight) guys very often. Just generally. I'd tried to explain the dynamic to one of my friends who is bi, and he started dating a girl recently and went to a night where his GF and a bunch of our mutual, feminist friends were hanging out and later he told me, "I see what you mean to be in a room of people who are friends but also hate each other. It's weird."

I think the Harvard Sailing Team sketches about Boys Will Be Girls and Girls Will Be Boys are better quality, but I always think it's interesting to see what gendered communication looks like from an outsider's perspective. It's not true for everyone, but I still think it's funny.

I found it funny!

I'm going to come out of the closet and say: I found it funny!

I found the title offensive because it suggests that all women say many stupid things, and I don't associate half of the things in the clip with women. But the other half is amusing because I know at least one either heterosexual female or transsexual male-to-female who behaves that way.

The "What's my password?" reminds me about my parents, the crunching snacks during films about my younger brother, and the "Could you not do that, please?", "I had to get up ..." and "Did I lock the door?" about myself.

But then there's "Listen. Listen. Listen. Lis-ten.", "Shut. Up!", "Twinsieees!" and the gawking and the whining which reminds me about dear friends of mine who do replicate these stereotypes. So a criterium for finding it funny may be that you know someone who behaves this way, who is incidentally a woman. Assuming that all these behaviours are womanlike is a black swan fallacy, and perhaps some of the, in my eyes, completely gender-indifferent behaviours simply serve as filler for lack of creative content.

Just FYI, Amanda Marcotte has

Just FYI, Amanda Marcotte has an interesting piece about this vid on Slate. I personally find the delivery quite funny and get major Liam Kyle Sullivan (the "Shoes"/Kelly guy) vibes from this project.

The screaming part is spot-on

The screaming part is spot-on (read: truly annoying in real life). The rest is exactly what you said: everyone says these things, why is this targeted at "girls"?

You're Not Alone

Not sure why it's funny either. I even watched it twice. I think most of those things such as, "could you do me a favor?" are said by both sexes, however usually it is the woman who asks for something out of her purse. Hmmm...not sure if that's more or less funny than a man asking for something out of his wallet? I chuckled at the chip crunching because that's how I sometimes eat chips alone. There is something endearing about the large man who is so feminine.... Okay, women are more appealing than men for many reasons. Usually far more approachable, smarter, friendlier, vibrant, intriguing, attractive, charismatic, motivated, helpful and generous. YET, they are still discriminated against and looked down upon because they are women (completely illogical, right?). Maybe people just really like seeing a man who appears tender and non-confrontational. MAYBE that is what everyone wants, but they can't say that out of sexist beliefs so watching this just makes them feel good. And of course there's also the fact that this is targeted at young people who have grown up watching women act like this on the T.V. I am witness to so many young women on my campus that portray this innocent, emotional, impulsive, shallow behavior. People like to see something they can relate to, even if they're too naive to realize the message is not a good one.

And next you'll wonder why they use "like" in 2nd episode..

Yeesh ladies, RELAX. As a woman who is always digging in her bag and saying some of these silly things, I think this video is hilarious. Face it, a lot of you do it, and so what? This video is just a fun observation of some common things these particular fellas have encountered. I hear girls speak like this ALL the time (or put it in a facebook status). And yes, it sounds pretty ditzy. Are you just mad because you're being called out on it? With all the various videos of guys and their silly qualities being mocked, why is this so offensive? There is no violence, no sexual innuendo, is there even swearing? Kelsey, chill out, and don't begin sentences with "like", that annoys me more than anything.

I do agree that a lot of boys say some of these things too. And they also sound ditzy. Why don't you make a video to counter?

Why the snark?

OK, congrats, you think it's funny.

Jen, chill out. Drop the snarky tone please, because that annoys me more than anything.

Nobody here–especially not the author– was up in arms about this AT ALL. It's exclusively condescending and unnecessary for you to tell people to RELAX. The initial sentiment was, "I just don't get. It's not that funny." Plenty of people have this reaction, and plenty of other people (like yourself) find it funny. I'm in the lot that just think it's lazy, but whatever. The discourse is what makes it interesting.

Let's drop the snark, shall we? It's interesting to hear everyone's different opinions expressed, but not with your brand of excessive rudeness.

Totally agree. Never

Totally agree. Never understood the obsession with the twitter feed either.

Lazy humor: America's so good at it

I'm not really offended by it, although I agree with many, that the things she says are all pretty universal between the sexes.

I just think it's lazy comedy. I love observational humor like the rest, but these are such tiny things that I just don't think there's enough there to make me laugh. I just see a guy in drag saying really common things (albeit in a somewhat flamboyant way) and I keep waiting for the clever humor part to kick in.

I love a good drag sketch when some thought and creativity is put in to it—Monty Python, Little Britain, The Kathy and Mo Show. Shoot—I even saw a Russell Brand sketch that was funnier than this!

It's not exactly something I

It's not exactly something I would take feminist offense to, but it's just not as funny as people make it out to be.

People have been parading this like it's new information or new humor. It's not. Hello, White Chicks?


Now i read a bunch of these comments and I know why you dont get it...BECAUSE ITS HUMOUR FOR MEN...jeese, how many stupid posts about men do I read where woman are poking fun at mens habits, and all the comments are "right on girl" or " Ya men are idiots"...this is funny to men because we dont act that way...girls do, and so your comments are " I don't get it. it's not funny"...lighten up ladies. I would also like to point out that the work "feminism" is a prejudice word, if you really want equality shouldn't you be using equal-ism instead?


I hate to break it to you, but you won't typically find many of us 'poking fun' at 'men's' habits on this site, so bringing that up doesn't have very much merit here. Perhaps some men don't act this way, but some do, some women don't act this way either, and some do. That's why it's not very funny.. The humor is too general to really make an impact. I don't think my boyfriend would find this all that funny, either, because it's just.. blah. I mean, it's funny to make fun of the characteristics (I personally don't understand how it's possible for some people to be THAT bubbly when they see their friends, or whatever), but it's just not really worth all of the attention it's getting, you know? Everyone's humor is different, though.
And about the name thing, I'll just ask the CEO of feminism to change that! Oh.. wait.. That'd be about as complicated as changing the name of ANY movement that has been around for decades. There has been a lot of debate about it, though, so you could check that out!

did anyone else find it

did anyone else find it transphobic? (it is my impression that the humour was supposed to come, in part, from the whole "assigned-male person is 'doing' feminine" trope, with the audience going "oh, but we can *see* that you're not really a girl, no matter how much you squeal".)

I found it funny

I found it funny because I am guilty of so many of the quotes.... especially the locking the door one.

I can see how it would be taken as offensive because the character portrayed is a one dimensional caricature based upon a long standing stereotype of women being a tad juvenile. Part of the humour comes from it being slightly offensive.

Worst part for me. I have said "Twinsies" at least once... but I attribute that to being a dork more so than anything else.

Don't get it.

I don't hate it either. Just a confusion. So I went through the comments. Comments that somebody likes or dislikes this are irrelevant because they don't tell me why. This limits the scope of an investigation.

"I have said or say a lot of these. There's nothing really wrong w/ saying most of them (besides the twinsees and screaming!). What makes it hilarious is the exaggerated mannerisms and the affectation that he uses, the accuracy and how they're all compiled together. I want more!!!!"

In this case the user appears to find it funny that women tend to exaggerate their motions when they talk.

"it is just so perfect because he does everything EXACTLY like a girl, the way he sounds, the way his lips move, the way he does his hair hahahaha he just got it down, i can't stop watching this.. it never stops making me laugh hahaha"

Again, a concentration on the motions rather than words. I suppose there is also some focus on the inflection of the voice.

"Super funny....if you are female or know a female you are guilty of at least one of these phrases. I'm not really a girly girl and I am still guilty of a couple of these common "female" phrases. Now we just need a video of "Shit Guys Say.""

This is rather interesting. He agrees that men say a lot of these things, but the phrases themselves are still "female".

"It should be called "Shit American Girls Say""

This sentiment pops up. Weird that nationalism comes into play.

"Very funny... It is true not all us females say these things, but I will admit it to doing the "could you do me a favor" thing... I'm also guilt of the "did I....." It's usually "did I turn off the coffee pot or did I feed the animals" tho... I say "really!?" and "seriously!?" When I'm angry a lot like "seriously!? How can you be so stupid!?" "ugh" is another good one."

Guilty is an odd word choice. Am I supposed to assign some value to these statements? I guess since it is things that women say, they have to be worse than things that men say, so anybody who makes these statements must be guilty of being weak.

" i just got done watching elf and it sorta does remind me of Will Ferrell!"

This makes sense to me. Will Ferrel is a funny dude and if something reminds me of him I will like it more.

Conclusion: this is some sexist bullshit that i haven't been programmed to find enjoyable. This is similar to Annie's dance in the last episode of Community except that it is playing that joke completely straight. Imagine somebody watching that scene and going "haha it's true jews are stupid about christmas and women all talk like babies, lol". Fuck them to death.

Future Research: Watch Elf and see if that makes it funnier.

Get over yourself

Girls have been making fun of guys for decades publically. I heard about this for the first time on the news...evidently a good amount of people DO "get it".

Women deserve a dose of their own medicine once in a while. Enjoy.

Like I (and many others) have said already...


Like I said in the post (and other commenters here have kindly reiterated) my beef with "Shit Girls Say" is NOT that it's offensive or that women don't "deserve a dose of their own medicine" (whatever that means). There are problems with this video (I agree with a previous commenter that it's transphobic, for example), but the main one in my opinion is that it just isn't funny.

Also, as long as we live in a patriarchal society, women making fun of men will never be the same as men making fun of women. Not that this video is even meant as a response to anything women have said about men, but whatever.


I don't get it. I mean, it's not offensive really (at least I don't think it is) it's just also not so funny (at least in my opinion). Maybe it's the delivery? Maybe it's because it feels like it's just a rundown of things I say and things my friends say? I'm not sure. I get that someone might find it funny. I just...don't? Maybe it's just not my style of comedy? Maybe I think it needs to be autotuned. That's probably it. I think everything is funnier when it's autotuned.

Chicks aren't supposed to get

Oh hey there, Vintage Misogynist!

dude... where's my

dude... where's my car?
omg... is that a mojito?
wait... dosent EVERYONE make fun of EVERYONE that's different than themselves?


if you cant learn to laugh at yourself you will be unhappy forever...

I get it, I just don't think

I get it, I just don't think it's funny. To me, you need to do more than put a man in a wig and have him talk in an effeminate voice for something to be funny, but for some sad reason there's a large part of the population who does find that funny. And none of these 'jabs' at women are particularly insightful either... "could you turn the volume up?" "could you turn the volume down?" Wow, I've never heard a man say those things, women are soooo ridiculous!!

Stop contemplating...

After watching this a third time, I came to realized its not ment to make fun of women, its ment to show what some girls do on a daily basis, some of which I even do. And heck after watching some of the things I do in this perspective its pretty funny. Stop over thinking everything... Because its only making us look like robots in human world...

Shit Girs Say!

Seriously Ladies or should I say LMAO Ladies!
If this video was making fun of the male gender would you find it more humorous?
May we just enjoy it for what it is? Simple humor.
Does everything have to be dissected and redissected?
Both genders do and say things that are hilarious to the opposite sex.
It's all in fun... Kudos to the creators!
It provided a much needed laugh to many!
Note: I didn't say everyone. Just those of us that have a sense of humor!
Comments from: 50 Yr Young Professional Woman
:) :) :) :)

Yeah, I don't really get it

Yeah, I don't really get it either. There were a handful of lines that were genuinely amusing "Do I look like a doily?" / "Twinsies!"/etc since they're more strange/unique utterances than the rest of them, but that just sort of highlighted how little sense the rest of it made.

The computer lines are straight up offensive imo, while the rest of it just came off like a list of stupid in-jokes.

Hm. I thought it was funny,

Hm. I thought it was funny, largely because there are a few spots where I absolutely recognized myself and it made me giggle. I suppose normally my feminist critiquing hat would have gone on, but for a reason I can't identify, this one didn't make me feel indignant or insulted. Of course, that's not to say no one else should. YMMV. That's the thing about comedy, I guess.

the debate here is myopically

the debate here is myopically focused on some sort of absolute divide between men and women (men making fun of women, women making fun of men). the men who made this video and the man who stars in this video are gay. this is not the hyperbolic drag we conventionally associate with drag performance, to be sure, but it is drag all the same. none of the posters have even given the slightest consideration to how this factors into how we should read the video critically. this fact does not, of course, excuse sexism against women writ large (and I think it is fair to acknowledge that gay men do perpetuate sexism towards women despite being victims of gendered violence themselves), but it most certainly makes the debate more complicated than the original writer and subsequent posters have allowed. you're all feminists - drawing attention to context is one of your main critical trump cards (as it is for all identity politics) - you should all be doing that to create a more thoughtful dialogue than just oh this is some avatar of patriarchy making fun of women. this is retrograde, homophobic feminism at work, cutting too large swaths and ignoring what doesn't easily serve a pro-woman ideology. use your brains and be generous thinkers. we all need to challenge the limitations of our own conventions of analysis just as much as we do need to point out what we already know (that sexism exists).

Couldn't Agree More

After seeing it for the first time I felt crazy that there are enough people out there that could find this funny enough that I would eventually feel obligated to see it, so I was really happy to find this post. Thanks.
-straight male

sh*t girls say

I think anytime something strikes a chord it can touch with us humor. Having heard myself say "can you read this and see if it makes sense.." - that really made me laugh. I also hate trying on clothes ....I don't think it mocks or makes fun of - or is a clever burn on women. In compilation format I found it very funny.....but I also laughed at the Hangover and never thought I would......and I loved Tootsie and never thought I would.....

this is funny - pure and simple

the follow ups are even better - S*it girls DON'T say.

Loved it

I'm gonna be honest, but I LOVED Shit Girls Say. Mostly because I say everything in the video on a regular basis. And no, I don't hear many guys saying them. While, of course, it's making fun of girls/women, but I can laugh at myself. And of course this isn't the case for all women. But it felt like a giant inside joke to me and my clearly limited sense of humor that's totally comedy gold :)

Why you didn't laugh

Did you ever stop and think maybe you don't find it funny bc it hits too close to home. You need thicker skin if this video offends you in anyway. Yes those are typical "girly" statements that the majority of women do often say. It is funny to guys bc we all can laugh at how many times our girlfriend has said. "hey go in my purse" in the exact way it is said in the video. While some of them werent very gender specific, I.e. chewing on chips. A lot of them were. I hang out with a lot of women and don't know how many times they've said it's cold in hear can I have a blanket/ sweatshirt. My male friends- not so much.

I recently saw the shir baseball players say and thought it was hilarious. It basically brings to light baseball speak that is universal. Every ball player can laugh and think Idk how many times I've heard that or said that, without realizing how common it is.

Also if you can't even find why people find humor in it, you've got bigger problems than female rights.

Hey, i just wanted to drop a

Hey, i just wanted to drop a line as a guy from the demographic that these "shit so&so says" are targeted towards.
I can understand why older women wouldnt understand the humor in it and simply see it as mocking.
But look at the alternative, there are plenty of videos in similar context mocking guys behaviour aswell.
I realize i stumbled upon a feminist site, but i can say that these jokes were not meant to demean women, but rather bring light to the common tendencies of young women in a social context. So it's funny because it is true and because its a guy in a wig talking like a girl. Not because men think so lowly of women that they get enjoyment of mocking the trivialness of the interactions highlighted. I like to think that i could enjoy laughing at the cliches of male behaviour in the company of females.
Any theres my 2 cents hope it makes some sense!

I am obsessed with this right

I am obsessed with this right now. (Hey that line could go in one of their videos!) I am 46 years old, and I say most of these things, and I think it is funny because I now realize how much I torture my poor boyfriend with my endless monologues and silly requests...we watch the videos and laugh about it , and I think it helps him understand me a little better, though he is always a perfect accommodating gentleman ..

Seriously, you HAVE to shut

Seriously, you HAVE to shut up. First of all, this is NOT demeaning woman in any way. You know I get sexism and stuff, I get it, I defend it, I'm a girl, but this is a war that is piratically over! Our ancestress already fought this fight for us. Let's not go to extremes when there's no need for that, for example, in a case like this. It's funny cause it's true, can't we all just laugh of you know the things we say and do, cause they're cute, and funny. Personally, I am obsessed with this whole project, I think it's brilliant. And I don't see how they're offending anybody on this, there's nothing demeaning about it. It's just funny, so stop bitching about it and learn to laugh at yourself. It's not offensive.

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