Sitcom's Jewish Mother

A new documentary, Yoo-Hoo, Mrs. Goldberg! shares the story of "Gertrude Berg. She was the creator, principal writer, and star of 'The Goldbergs,' a popular radio show for 17 years, which became television's very first character-driven domestic sitcom in 1949." It's not just a story of a woman making her way through Hollywood; you also get a sense of how entertainment was changing as it went from radio to television. There are also the themes of Jewish families, stereotypes and the Red Scare and how that impacted Gertrude's career. Her work paved the road for "I love Lucy" and other sitcoms.

The film is moving its way across the country for selected showings. I sure hope that the DVD will be out soon for everyone who can't make it to the theater.

by Veronica Arreola
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