Sleater-Kinney is Reuniting!

sleater kinney onstage with a big crowd

Sleater-Kinney performing in 2005. Photo by Damon Green

Excellent news, friends. Carrie Brownstein announced online yesterday, “Woke up to the news that my band #sleaterkinney is getting back together and that we have a new record coming out in 2015.” 

Sleater-Kinney was crucial in shaping the musical identities for many people—especially young women hungry for punk role models—during their 12-year run as a band. Starting in Olympia, Washington in 1994, the three-piece band featuring Brownstein, Corin Tucker, and Janet Weiss became a central part of the riot grrrl scene and a widely influential group. The band released seven albums, inspiring countless other musicians and bands before splitting off in 2006. Since then, the three musicians have been involved in various other projects—Tucker formed the Corin Tucker Band while Weiss and Brownstein have played for the past couple years in the excellent group Wild Flag. And, of course, Brownstein has become known outside of music circles for her role on Portlandia.

This month, the band slipped a brand-new song into their box set of all seven studio albums, Start Together. The new song, “Bury Our Friends,” was quickly turned into a music video by Miranda July.


Sleater-Kinney is planning to release an entirely new album, No Cities to Love, in January on Sub Pop records. In February, they’re hitting the road for a national tour—since a handful of dates were announced yesterday, most have already sold out and Brownstein has tweeted a promise to add more dates soon.

With the excitement over the reunion announcement and the swiftly sold-out tickets, it looks like the country is welcoming back Sleater-Kinney with eager arms. It will be interesting to see how their experience navigating both the music industry and media as an outspoken feminist band will be different 11 years after they first began as an upstart punk band. For now, it seems like Sleater-Kinney is enthusiastic about getting back onstage.  

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