Sm{art}: Hungry Eyeball's “Buzz”


“Buzz” is a current art show curated by Hungry Eyeball installed inside Tender Loving Empire, an impressively multi-tasking collective. “Buzz” contains works by five Portland, Oregon based artists: Chelsea Fletcher, Amy Ruppel, Rebecca Artemisa, Kinoko and Wesley Younie. Although it is too late to see Y La Bamba play an intimate show for the opening night (darn it!), it is fortunately not too late to see the art. “Buzz” will be in the Tender Loving Empire gallery until November 2nd. And for all you non-Portlanders, the collection is available for viewing on Hungry Eyeball’s online gallery.

Two artist’s work that especially caught my eye was that of Chelsea Fletcher and Rebecca Artemisa. Fletcher’s pieces (whose Betty Buzzworth forms the base of the show’s poster at left) are a gleeful distortion of traditional portraiture and a brightly colored play on the early and mid 1960’s aesthetic.

Rebecca Artemisa’s tiny paintings (the milkyway spirit got hungry and it might be okay shown below) are so enchanting that I almost didn’t want to put post pictures, as jpegs on a screen just don’t do them justice. Lovingly painted on wood, these works create the ethereal feelings of night and the pixie dust of ghosts, spirits and souls. “Buzz” will be up for two more weeks, so check it out!


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these look excellent! i want

these look excellent! i want to buy a print of that poster FOR SURE.


It's great you were able to come out to the show and be inspired enough to write something on it. Appreciated!

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