Sm{art} Wrap-Up!

Bitch had a great turnout out our Sm{art} Auction! Guests sauntered through the WorkSound space in southeast Portland, bidding on original art, entering a raffle for a “bitchin” (get it?) commuter bike, or stopping by the Crafty Wonderland table to make tiny flowers out of wire and discarded nylon stockings.

Throughout the night, feminist art icon Judy Chicago talked fundraising, feminism, and the dreaded “b-word,” and wasn’t afraid to ask guests to put their money where their mouth is–calling out a few attendees who weren’t Bitch subscribers (it’s only $20!)

With pocketbooks being as slim as they are these days, we were amazed at the outpouring of support, and glad that people could walk away with some awesome bubble-wrapped art (and maybe a few mussel kabobs) in the process! Much thanks to everyone who attended, we’re already gearing up for our next event, Susie Bright at PSU!

Bitch would also like to thank our generous sponsors









by Kjerstin Johnson
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Kjerstin Johnson is a writer and editor in Portland, Oregon. She is the former editor in chief of Bitch. She tweets at @kajerstin

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