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No matter where I turn, Helen Mirren keeps popping up in my daily conversations. I am doing my best to resist this fresh wave of Mirren Fever – I thought this time around I might have built up some immunity, having succumbed to an earlier strain in 1995, while sick with an actual fever and accompanied by marathons of Prime Suspect.

But over the years, my Mirren fever has tended to recur, presenting symptoms like “OMG, I cannot breathe without Helen Mirren!!!” and compelling me to suffer through awful fare like the utterly scandalous and unwatchable Caligula, the decidedly less polarizing, but still equally unwatchable 2010: The Year We Make Contact and truly bizarre 1981 cult classic Excalibur.

This time around I was determined not to get sucked into the vortex of Helen. I would respect her as an actor and I would watch her films with a cool, critical eye. I would not squeal every time someone mentioned her works and only screen her “important” films. When it comes to deconstructing cinema, a feminist film critic must be dignified, yet passionate and cultivate an air of amused detachment.

But the profile in last week’s New York Magazine and the whiff of Oscar bait rising from Love Ranch – her latest collaboration with husband Taylor Hackford (whom she met while filming White Nights) – have convinced me that resistance is futile. I have to admit I squealed like a toddler while watching the trailer for Red – the action comedy flick slated for release in October – which features Mirren looking quite bad ass as a maching gun wielding “retired” CIA assassin.

Judging from the trailer, Red – which boasts an impressive cast: Bruce Willis, John Malkovich, Mary Louise Parker and Morgan Freeman – looks to be my kind of action flick. The inspired use of Aerosmith’s Back in the Saddle certainly ups the excitement quotient for me as well. Too bad Hollywood opted not to release this film during the summer where it would have enjoyed tremendous success, but at least someone, somewhere has heard (and answered) my feverish prayers!

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Can't wait!

RED looks like a fun implementation of the "get the old gang together for one last job" trope.

Was Caligula that movie

Was Caligula that movie where the older lady fancied Gwynneth Paltrow or someone? No wait, that was Judy Dench. Sorry, my bad.

It was Cate Blanchett or

It was Cate Blanchett or maybe Juliette Binoche!

"In real life as in Grand Opera, Arias only make hopeless situations worse." - Kurt Vonnegut Jr.

It's what The Expendables

It's what <em>The Expendables</em> should have been.

"In real life as in Grand Opera, Arias only make hopeless situations worse." - Kurt Vonnegut Jr.

Combining my love of bad-ass

Combining my love of bad-ass older women, Morgan Freeman, and Bruce Willis (huge 12 Monkeys/Fifth Element phase in High School), even if this is a typical mindless action film/comic book adaptation I will appreciate it.

Plus...nothing is more awesome than retired people fighting (literally!) the ageist notion that they are useless and a burden to society.

I am so excited about this

I am so excited about this film. Though I'm confused; is Mirren's character married to Willis' character?

"In real life as in Grand Opera, Arias only make hopeless situations worse." - Kurt Vonnegut Jr.

lol: I understand where

lol: I understand where you're coming from. I've had a flaming case of Helen Mirren fever for about the past 6-7 years and, there are no signs of recovery yet!

I thought I was finally over her after I was forced (by her presence alone) to shell out my hard-earned money for the flaming piece of dog poo that was "National Treasure 2" but, her hypnotic hold on me is just too strong! No matter how crappy or poorly-reviewed her movies are, if she's there, I'M there.

I am TOTALLY pumped for "Red". This may be her most kick-a** performance since the last "Prime Suspect".

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