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I will admit to being a bit lost as it relates to the Twilight phenomena. Unlike lots of folks, I have a neutral opinion on the franchise. I picked up the first book based on a friend’s recommendation; she said Twilight reminded her of the work of YA lit queen Francesca Lia Block, an author I have enjoyed for nearly two decades. It turned out to be an unfair comparison; Meyer is no Francesca Lia Block. I honestly believe if it had not been for my friend’s comparison of Meyer and Block I would have found the whole Twilight thing far more enjoyable.

I wanted to adore Twilight mainly because I have such fond memories of the cult teen vampire flick The Lost Boys (1987), which thrilled me one summer—back in the stone age—the way Twilight is making fans faint, cry and long for undead romantic partners.

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Well, something must be wrong with Twilight movies, i´ve seen the first one and to me was only a waste of time, nothing fun.
Hope that the new generations can enjoy the good vampire movies, like The Lost Boys, Bram Stocker´s Dracula, Interview with the Vampire (a favorite) and others.

Twilight Books

I read all four Twilight books in four days... they were a total guilty pleasure - no substance, but incredibly entertaining and a very easy read. I spent a lot of time afterward trying to figure out what I liked about them. I think what I liked about them and what's been obscured by a lot of the (incredibly justified) feminist disgust over the series is that they tap into a part of the experience of an adolescent girl growing up in our culture that is often denied. Adolescent girls are constantly told that it is their responsibility to "say no," to be sexual gatekeepers (but without being frigid bitches), and that they should constantly be in complete control of their own negligible, malleable sexual desires. What I liked was that Bella wanted to have sex with Edward and he was the one saying no and setting boundaries. Everything else about the books is sexist and traditional, but it was fun to be transported back to being 14 and having misguided and naive ideas about what it would be like to be in love, to feel desire, or to be wanted and desired by a desirable boy. By the fourth book, all fantasy was dead and I wished I hadn't read it, but the first three were fun.

A good point!

I agree with you! I found them mostly a guilty pleasure read, though I would have intermittent bouts of feminist rage over some things in them, and call my sister (who was also reading them) so we could rant and gossip and compare notes. It was really interesting how Edward is the one who says NO and maintains all the boundaries. It's part of the appeal of the fantasy to teenage girls and young women. But I also agree with most of the feminist critiques of the series. I would never want someone under 16 or 17 years old to read them (totally unrealistic, I know), hoping that people older than this would be less affected by some of the totally retrograde messages...

o m gee

Keanu Reeves in Dracula doing a British accent was nothing short of hilarious. Surfer boy Brit. LOLZ

Anyways, give me True Blood any day. Yum-may. Twilight sucks. And unfortunately, not literally.

oooooooooooooh how I loved

oooooooooooooh how I loved The Lost Boys! The town it was based in was Santa Cruz, am I remembering that correctly? I think that movie helped feed in to my teenage budding fascination with "bad boys" (thank goodness I grew out of that). I forgot how beyond smoldering Jamie Gertz was in that movie. The Coreys were at their finest. I still remember giggling wildly to the scene where Corey Haim is rocking out to Splish Splash while actually taking a bath. Sigh. Good memories!

better books

i wish they'd made a movie of peeps instead.

bram stoker's dracula is a terrible terrible movie.

lost boys was awesome.

i tried to watch twilight but it was too boring.

'The Lost Boys' is an

'The Lost Boys' is an absolute gem - the awesome sound and style of the 80's, and Jami gertz as Star is amazing...

Twilight comes nowhere near it...I found the books terribly dull...

Ah Corey Haim was such a cute, really talented and funny actor...RIP <3

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