SNL's VP debate sketch

by Debbie Rasmussen
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This isn't totally SNL

This isn't totally SNL fake-debate related but along the same lines (sort of...)

I am so beyond sick of people "joking"/suggesting/threatening to reverse suffrage movements because people are voting for someone they don't like. "If women vote for Palin we should reverse the 19th amendment" "If joe six packs (read:poor people) vote for McCain we should rethink universal suffrage" Excuse me? No, no friends we don't take away the *right* to vote from people just because we don't agree with them, that's what makes this a democracy. Say it with me now- diˈmäkrəsē.

Has anyone else noticed this?


I have to say that I agree with you. I do not think a governor from Alaska would be under such heavy fire if they were male. Where were all of the angry people when John Edwards was sleeping with someone else while his wife has cancer? I did not see half of the deprecating remarks made toward Senator Edwards, which have been made against Gov. Palin. Now I do not support a lot of her political beliefs, however you would never see a male candidate’s face superimposed on a bikini clad body holding a rifle. I think the whole situation is extremely sexist. I overheard a group of grown men at a lounge say they would vote for her because she had five kids so she must like to F**K! WHAT! Political feelings aside, I think it's sad that we as a nation have made such little progress since Geraldine Ferraro was a vice presidential candidate.

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