Some exciting news

I'm happy to announce to all y'alls that I have a new project in the works. It's a cookbook, mostly vegan with some optional eggs and dairy, and I'm gonna be working with a small DIY-type publisher based in Oakland. Expect a slim volume that will teach you how to eat healthy on a budget; cook with unprocessed, fresh, local foods; improvise yummy meals; and cook regularly as part of your busy schedule.

What kinds of things will be in it? you ask. The night before last I tested (okay, made up) a recipe for leek, potato, and kale soup, and fed it to my friend Janet. A few days before that I made a vegan version of this sausage and beer gumbo I used to make all the time when I was eating more meat. A few days from now I will try out an idea I have for mustard-garlic-rosemary tofu.

When I have more info, like dates and availability and whatnot, and when my publisher gets their website built, I will let y'all know.  

by Lisa Jervis
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