Sometimes Brevity Just Wins

I was blog surfing and came across this YouTube video from blogger Devious Diva.  It wasn’t about justice, feminism, or even about news.  It was just one of those feel good videos that you watch more than once.  In these hard economic times, unspeakable violence in Gaza, wars, and hefty problems weighing on people’s minds, I thought a little pick me up was in order.  And there’s a little more than the video that makes it sweeter.

Here’s what you need to know in a nutshell: Matt, a 32 year old Connecticut native, traveled all around the world and danced.  He danced in 40 countries with thousands of people.  In this short video, he shows, what we all have in common and brings small parts of the world together with the goofiest dance you’ve ever seen.

Here’s what makes it just a tiny bit sweeter…

Check out his FAQ answer to, “Why is the world so screwed up?” deserves a little bit of love.  (You’ll have to scroll down to the part where it says “Less Frequently Asked Questions.)

He’s succinct, all right.

I tend to believe world travelers who have seen the beauty of the world and have danced with a variety of cultures and people.  Their perspectives are much more valid, I think. (Tongue in cheek.)


by Lisa Factora-Borchers
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