Song Debut: Starlight Girls' “Intrigue”

Christina B and Sara Mundy of Starlight Girls. Photo by Caroline Yoder. 

Summer is the time for upbeat electro-pop, am I right? It’s the sound for sweaty late-night dance parties as well as the perfect fit grooving away at your desk with headphones on and too much iced coffee in your belly. Brooklyn band Starlight Girls bring a welcome addition to this genre with their first full-length album, Fantasm, which they’re self-releasing October 13.  The band’s unique poppy sound mixes ethereal vocals over upbeat, driving rhythms that have an almost-disco sensibility.   

Today we’re debuting “Intrigue,” the first single off the upcoming album. Give it a listen below.

Keyboardist and vocalist Christina B fronts the Starlight Girls with guitarist Shaw Walters, a California transplant who “arrived in New York with a suitcase full of Bay Area weirdo noise rock sensibility,” according to the band. The group also features Sara Mundy on vocals, Tysen Arveson on bass, Isabel Alvarez on keyboards and backup vocals, and Josh Davis on drums.

by Sarah Mirk
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